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Viralex Chews - Children's

Good Health Viralex Chews contain a high quality Echinacea extract combined with Zinc, Vitamin C and Astragalus. They are a tasty and convenient way to support your children’s health. Contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.
  • Support for children's immunity
  • Contains Astragalus and a high quality Echinacea extract
  • Yummy natural tropical flavour
  • No artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours
Viralex Chews - Children's
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Good Health Viralex Chews are a great tasting chewable tablet designed to support children’s immunity. They provide herbal extracts and nutrients in a delicious chewable flavoured tablet without the use of artificial sweeteners or colours.

Viralex Chews contain a high quality Echinacea extract that is supported by multiple, positive scientific studies. The Echinacea is combined with the other essential immune system nutrients Zinc and Vitamin C to support the body’s natural defences. Additionally included is Astragalus; a gentle yet effective herb that has strengthening and restorative effects to help support immune system health. This unique combination provides immune support and is suitable for children over 3 to help maintain resistance against the many immune challenges encountered daily. Viralex chews are a tasty and convenient way to support your children’s health.
Good Health Viralex is a long-standing favourite of HealthPost staff and customers alike due to it's winning combination of value and effectiveness. We recommend Viralex as a basic, family, winter-wellness essential.
We believe we are supplying this top-quality product at New Zealand's lowest price. Please let us know if you find a competitor's offer to match our own.
Each Tablet Contains:
Herbal extract equivalent to fresh:
Echinacea purpurea Herb top flowering juice (Echinacea) 1125mg
Herbal extract equivalent to dry:
Astragalus membranaceus Root (Astragalus) 400mg
Vitamins & minerals:
Ascorbic Acid 50mg
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate (Equiv. Zinc 2mg) 10mg
The total amount of sugar per tablet is 1.8gm
No artifical flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours used in this product.
Children 3-5 years: Chew 1 to 3 tablets daily.
Children 6-12 years: Chew 2 to 5 tablets daily.
Or take as professionally advised.
Choking hazard: Not to be taken by children under 3 years of age without medical advice.
Choking hazard: Not to be taken by children under 3 years of age without medical advice.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
Contains sugar.
Do not use if cap seal is broken.
Customer Reviews

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Average Rating:

Customer: Kylie    06 Feb 2014

Customer rating:

Have found these great at keeping colds at bay

Customer: Nicola   13 Nov 2013

Customer rating:

Fantastic. I ordered these when my favorites were out of stock and these have proved superior. Will continue using these now. Great product.

Customer: Jill   24 Sep 2013

Customer rating:

Brilliant, the only ones my son will take...totally notice difference when we have run out of them...thank you HealthPost, you were the only ones that stocked them and super speedy delivery. Highly recommend!

Customer: Vanessa   16 May 2013

Customer rating:

Fantastic service, next day delivery. My 3 year old son has no problem chewing them, they are quite hard but he loves the taste and always reminds us if we have forgotten to give them to him! Ordered them when he had the first signs of a cold and it didn't progress any further so I was very happy and will continue to give them to him for the duration of winter.

Customer: Laura   12 Nov 2012

Customer rating:

Great product - but the flavour isn't really nice it is tropical of which the kids would prefer orange but i had them when we had the flu in the house and it worked a treat and i was the best of the lot of them! The symptoms weren't as bad and it didn't hang on as long.

Customer: Rosanne   15 Aug 2012

Customer rating:

I have used this product all winter for my children. As well as being an effective vitamin against winter ills my children love the taste - often reminding me that I need to give them one.

Customer: Halei   29 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

A great product, especially for this time of year. Kids like the taste (dont love) and never turn them down. Stops all those winter chills especially with school and preschool kids.

Customer: Rachel    10 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

This is a brilliant product - my son loves these and they work so quickly nipping a cold in the bud very quickly. So pleased that I have found this site and thanks for the great service and quick delivery (even on Rural Delivery!!)

Customer: Gemma   25 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

My kids refused to eat them they hated the taste and they were really hard to chew. My 5 year old struggled to chew them and it sounded like their teeth would break. I have now stopped trying to force them to eat them.

Customer: Lenore   14 May 2012

Customer rating:

Brought these last winter for my children because we were about to take overseas trip, and they started to get sick with a cold. We have used the liquid product with wonderful results so tried chews for ease of travelling,they worked just as well.

Customer: Yao   03 Aug 2011

Customer rating:

I bought two bottles for my nieces. Just want to say Health Post service is excellent, they answered questions clearly and fast. And courier to me the next day. Thank you guys!

Customer: Sarah   08 Jun 2011

Customer rating:

This is an ok product - main drawback being that my child does not like the flavour. I think many kids arent into tropical flavours, and prefer simple orange etc.

Customer: RW   06 Apr 2011

Customer rating:

This is a great product. We give these to our three year old who happily eats them and even reminds us to give them to him, he likes them so much. We give the maximun dose at the first sign of a cold and it never eventuates into much. Even awful coughs don't linger.

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