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Sambucus For Kids

Sambucus for Kids is a special delicious berry flavoured syrup that also contains echinacea and propolis and is a Bio-Certified Elderberry extract that supports the immune system. Especially popular during the winter season!
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Sambucus For Kids
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- Antiviral elderberry extract (flu, cough, sore throat) -

Sambucus for Kids is a special delicious berry flavoured syrup that also contains echinacea and propolis and is a Bio-Certified Elderberry extract that supports the immune system, and is especially popular during the winter season.

For centuries the berries of the European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) have been traditionally used as a winter remedy. Virologist testing has shown that elderberry extract helps prevent replication of viruses by preventing their adherence to a cell, thus preventing the multiplication and spread of the virus (viruses cannot replicate without invading a cell). Elderberry extract is a safe and effective alternative to flu vaccine as its action is more broad-spectrum and it boosts, rather than suppresses, the immune system.

Nature’s Way Sambucus provides a standardised elderberry formula to help enhance immune health and fight colds, flu and viral infections. Bio-certified Bioactives elderberry extract has been proven to be bio-available and active within the body for optimal effectiveness. Bioactives is produced using a solvent-free extraction process for maximum potency.

Sambucus for Kids supports the immune system, and is especially popular during the winter season.

Usage: Viral infections including seasonal, childhood infections.
SAMK ingredients
No Artificial Preservatives
Gluten Free
Kosher Certified
For Daily Maintenance:
Children 1-6 years old take 1 teaspoon (5ml) daily.
Children 7-12 years old take 2 teaspoons (10ml) daily.
For Intensive Use:
Children 1-6 years old take 1-2 teaspoons (5-10ml) twice daily.
Children 7-12 years old take 2-3 teaspoons (1015ml) twice daily.
Always ask your product supplier if there are any specific precautions regarding use of this or any supplement.
Customer Reviews

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Average Rating:

Customer: Jel   01 Jun 2014

Customer rating:

my son loves this!

Customer: Angie   20 May 2014

Customer rating:

I give a teaspoon of Sambucus to my 4yr old every morning, he goes to childcare 4 days a week and misses out on most of the bugs going around. If he does catch something it doesn't hang around for long. I even have my husband convinced Sambucus is magic. The bottles could be a little bigger, I feel like I'm ordering more all the time.

Customer: Susan   11 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

My 3-yr old has been coughing for a whole week, first I bought the Echinacea Extract which didn't really help, so then I decided to buy this and it worked! Taking 1ml twice a day has stopped him from coughing and stopped his runny nose too! Hope this can come in a bigger bottle!

Customer: Julie   01 Aug 2013

Customer rating:

This product is pricey, but I must say it really seems to help keep my 14 month old healthy during the winter. Using it once a day seems to have prevented her from catching nasty colds when she has been around other sick kids. I could have sworn she'd have caught a cold from her cousin the other day because he was coughing on all the toys and she was then going and putting them in her mouth, but thankfully she's still well and healthy! Phew.

Customer: Rebecca   09 Jul 2013

Customer rating:

I use this product on my one year old daughter and its fantastic! She is in daycare 25 hrs per week and is she only wee one to not have a green runny nose this Winter. It is quite sweet but can easily be added to other food or watered down, extra doses when needed don't seem to upset her digestion either.

Customer: Ingrid   09 Jul 2013

Customer rating:

Got this after reading other reviews to try to get rid of a lingering cold and cough that my 9-year old son had. It worked really well, and I will definitely be getting more - and will likely use the maintenance dose instead of waiting to need the acute dose! Only criticism is that it would be better if it was available in a bigger bottle.

Customer: Monique    24 May 2013

Customer rating:

This product is absoulutly fantastic, last winter my children seem to be sick the entire time, I put it in their weetbix every morning and haven't even had the slightest cold this winter.

Customer: Nicole   10 May 2013

Customer rating:

Since both my children age 22 months and 3/12 have been taking Sambucus they have not had nay colds or running noses. I would definatly recommend this product.

Customer: Joanne   24 Apr 2013

Customer rating:

HI I have found the Sambucus absolutely delicious and our children look forward to their "medicine" in the winter time. I have found your website and buy all our winter tonics etc that we need to get us through the winter. Thank you HealthPost for your competitive prices and great service.

Customer: Carrie   25 Sep 2012

Customer rating:

I used this for my 3 year old to help him get over the flu and he was back at school 2 days later feeling much better. He is not keen on the taste though.

Customer: Brenda   24 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

My son who is 4 years old was prone to coughs, colds and infections over the winter months (he attends daycare) but since starting on this product he has been ill-free! He loves the flavour and has a teaspoon full every morning. But be careful as some littlies may have a reaction to the propolis.

Customer: George   16 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

Excellent product. My wee baby girl, 24 months, is not taking everyday, but she was seek with a cold and I gave her 1 tsp in her herbs tea. It was amazing how the runny nose just was less and less. I gave her for 4 days 1 tsp and now she is happy with no more blocked nose:))Thank you!We love this great product. Now we have a new friend for a healthy life:))

Customer: Penny   10 May 2012

Customer rating:

I have just re-ordered a second bottle of this for my 1 year old daughter. Since taking this daily she has avoided many bugs that she has been exposed to and remained happy and healthy! Worth it's weight in gold :)

Customer: Joanne   14 Jun 2011

Customer rating:

I give it my 22month old son and he loves it and he hasn't had a cold since taking it. But my 9 year old daughter seemed to have a reaction to it. She got an itchy rash on back of shoulders, wrists and ankles like hives. Maybe it was the propolis?? Reply from Health & Herbs (NZ distributors of Nature's Way): There is both propolis and echinacea in the Kids and Immune formulations. It is possible that your customer’s daughter may be allergic to bees and/or bee products (or just propolis), to which she has not been exposed before. The symptoms described are common signs of a moderate allergic reaction. This could be in response to the propolis, or in rare cases echinacea may also cause a similar allergic reaction. Whilst the product is very safe for most people, this clearly isn’t an appropriate product for her daughter. I would recommend the use of Nature’s Way Sambucus Original for this young lady, as there is no propolis or echinacea – just the fabulous elderberry extract to assist with immune strength and support. Jacqui Simcock Dip. Nat, Dip Herb Med | Senior Manager Technical Services

Customer: Nicole   20 Oct 2010

Customer rating:

This is a great product. The kids love the taste and it really seems to help with their cold/flu symptoms.

Customer: Maryanne   02 Sep 2010

Customer rating:

I started my daughter on this product in May this year and she didnt get sick over Winter at all, even when she was around sick children she managed to stay healthy. we didnt miss any of her swimming , playgroups , ballet ect.. this product is wonderful !!!!

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