Waihi Bush
Flax Original - Flax Seed Oil

Pure, Certified Organic, New Zealand grown, unrefined flaxseed oil for boosting Omega-3 levels. You can be confident of the superior quality of Waihi Bush organic flax seed products.
  • High in Omega 3, 6 & 9 - with all of the associated health benefits
  • Perfect for vegans and anyone wanting an alternative to fish oil
  • Great in salad dressings or smoothies, or simply by the spoonful
  • A HealthPost favourite for its superior quality and flavour
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Flax Original - Flax Seed Oil
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- Waihi Bush Flaxseed Oil is produced from organic, New Zealand grown flax -

Made from 100% pure cold pressed flax seed oil, great-tasting Waihi Bush Flax Original is a widely used New Zealand favourite for topping up Omega-3 levels.

Research has shown that most western diets have an imbalance of Omega essential fatty acids. While our bodies are evolved on a 1:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6, researchers have shown that many people consume more than 20 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3! This deficiency of essential Omega-3 fatty acids results in the symptoms of sub-optimal health, including low immunity, vision problems, dry skin and hair, low energy and fatigue, learning problems, mood swings and depression.
Flax seed oil is approximately 60% Omega-3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA), and also contains the Omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) and the monounsaturated Omega-9 oleic acid. The formulation is approximately 61% Omega-3, 17% Omega-6 and 14% Omega-9.
You can have absolute confidence in the superior quality of organic Waihi Bush farm flax seed products. Our flax seed is grown organically by selected farmers in the South Island of New Zealand. After harvest we cold press the seed; the oil is absolutely pure, with nothing added and nothing removed. Then we check the oil for quality and taste, then bottle it. We take care at every step to maintain the integrity of this nutritious oil so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

Waihi Bush Flaxseed Oil is Certified Organic by AgriQuality New Zealand.

For more detailed product information please visit the Waihi Bush site.
Please refer to our Heat Sensitive Product Policy in the HealthPost Library for our ordering, storage and handling policy and guidelines.
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100 % Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Extra Virgin, Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil.

Waihi Bush recommend taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil a day (15-30ml).

When first taking flax seed oil, they advise that you start off slowly with a small amount (e.g. 1 teaspoon a day), and build up the amount over time. Excessive amounts of flax seed oil may cause diarrhoea or nausea. Do not take on an empty stomach as this can cause nausea in some people.

I have suffered from severe IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since I was 16 (I am now of an age that we don't express our age in years, more in life experiences!!). I would writhe on the floor, clutching at my abdomen and crying out in pain.
Within one month of using flax seed oil I was no longer suffering from the severe bloating and cramping which has plagued me my entire life.
I find that I can now eat and drink things which I couldn't before i.e. fizzy drinks, fatty foods (not necessarily a good thing!!!). I have also added flax seed oil to my daily diet and find that my skin, hair and nails have improved in condition remarkably. I also have more energy. I can honestly say these products have changed my quality of life.
- Michelle Brown

I have suffered from back pain and dry skin. After a couple of weeks of using flax seed oil my back pain was relieved and skin was smooth. I have found flax seed oil good for joint ailments and skin conditions.

- Anonymous

Customer Reviews

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Average Rating:

Customer: Denise   02 Jun 2014

Customer rating:

We have been taking this great oil for years now..perhaps more than twenty years. It is so easy to do, just pouring from the bottle which is kept in the fridge, onto our morning cereal, usually a bowl of porridge. It tastes...well it once did, but we do not notice a taste any longer. We met the owner of the business some years back and walked on his land and through his native bush block..just lovely as he is passionate about our environment and his product reflects this.

Customer: Christine   18 Apr 2014

Customer rating:

I have been using this flaxseed oil for many years now for my daughter and myself to prevent constipation and inflammation. We also love it in a green salad which makes it even healthier and it also tastes good. I wouldn't be without it!

Customer: Gillian   08 Apr 2014

Customer rating:

Very happy with this product. My daughter suffers from constipation, and this has really helped her. And great that it is organic and NZ made. Also impressed with the fast delivery from HealthPost. It costs me less to have this delivered than it would to drive into our nearest shopping centre!

Customer: Brenden   31 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

I keep coming back to this product, I like that it's NZ, unrefined and being organic is a bonus. While the taste and texture takes a while to get used to (I'm taking it straight) it is well worth it, and there are so many different ways to use it. The price on HealthPost is also way better than retail.

Customer: Ting   07 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

Healthpost.co.nz is probably the fastest and most efficient health product company I ever met in New Zealand. I just order the product yesterday and it arrives Auckland today. That is wonderful. The taste of the flax seed oil is great and definitely good for our health

Customer: Annie   05 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

I love flaxseed oil. I think it is fantastic. Great for my skin, hair, nails and also for eczema I have found. The only thing I hate about this form is that it tastes horrible (my opinion only, some people love the taste). I tend to pour a table spoon into a glass of water and when it floats on the top it slides straight down and I don't taste it! Other than that fantastic product!

Customer: Chris   27 Feb 2014

Customer rating:

I have been using this product for over a year now and find it really great. I take it daily - in smoothie, mixed in with my porridge or on my salad. People remark on how glossy my hair is and my skin feels soft and smooth, plus I just feel better all round when I take it regularly.

Customer: Mal   12 Feb 2014

Customer rating:

Excellent product. Great for the skin and it tastes okay too.

Customer: Christine   11 Feb 2014

Customer rating:

Very nice product. Keep it in the fridge! I use mainly as a healthy dressing over salad - it has a nice nutty flavour. Or mix with balsamic vinegar as a different dressing.

Customer: Mere   04 Dec 2013

Customer rating:

I have not finished my first bottle yet but have already ordered my 2nd. I feel this has inproved my hair condition my nails and my skin. It's easy to swallow I put in my yoghart every morning. I have an underactive Thyroid so this along with Thyroid capsules I no longer need to take others and I am looking better in clothes as well. But haven't weighed myself yet. I recommend.

Customer: Sarah   29 Aug 2013

Customer rating:

Awesome product and so easy to add to your daily food intake to boost your omega levels and the kids don't notice it which is a plus

Customer: Astrid   06 Jun 2013

Customer rating:

Great product. My pmt disappeared when I started taking it regulary. I tried the others as well but find this one most pleasant and user friendly.

Customer: Tina   05 Jun 2013

Customer rating:

I really enjoy the taste of this oil and take it straight from a spoon. I have tried other flax oils and this is one of my favourites in taste, great way to supply my body with omega's and help my thyroid function better.

Customer: Kathryn   28 May 2013

Customer rating:

This is the best tasting flax oil I have tasted. We drizzle it on our toast in the morning.

Customer: Jenny   23 May 2013

Customer rating:

I love this product. I have a spoonful each day and I have noticed a great improvement in the health of my fingernails. I have always had trouble with brittle nails and now they are in really good condition.

Customer: Laura   22 May 2013

Customer rating:

Great stuff, with a pleasant nutty taste. I have a large spoonful of it in my cereal every morning. I take it for the Omega 3, which I'm pretty sure has been instrumental in preventing my formerly regular (hormonal) migraines. It's also improved my skin (smoothed out rough patches) and my mood.

Customer: Murray   20 May 2013

Customer rating:

Very good natural product. Great for keeping those bad joints loose and free.

Customer: Kellie   19 May 2013

Customer rating:

Love, love, love this product. My whole body and well being benifits from this oil. My nails are strong, my hair is beautiful, my feeling of being healthy and refreshed is noticeable. I love flax seed oil.

Customer: Keri   17 May 2013

Customer rating:

I love this product! It's inexpensive & is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. It can be added to just about anything, making flax seed a great bang for your nutritional buck. I shake some Flax seed oil and tamari together in a glass bottle for a fantastic dressing for salads and steamed vegetables.

Customer: Marlene   11 May 2013

Customer rating:

My husband just loves this flax seed oil and if we are going to be away from home for longer than a few days he insists I pack it as he finds it keeps his skin from itching.

Customer: Pat   10 May 2013

Customer rating:

Since I have been using Waihi Flax Seed Oil I have found my skin to be a lot less dry and flakey and it has a nicer taste than a lot of other oils. I either put a table spoon full in my smoothie or dribble it over my cereal.

Customer: Karen   06 May 2013

Customer rating:

I take flaxseed oil every morning. This is amazing stuff! Be careful to keep refrigerated once opened. With the liquid option you can mix into smoothies or barley grass and water.

Customer: Kellie   19 Apr 2013

Customer rating:

Just love this oil. Fantastic results for hair, skin and nails but also I find this is great for healthy weight maintenance. Gives me vitality. My partner jokes by saying I'm oiling up the engine. True in a way. Highly recommended :)

Customer: Charlene   30 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Found this product to be good, the taste is also not to bad to take directly and is also great to add to smoothies and other food. Great for the skin

Customer: Tania   03 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Fantastic product - helping my skin condition and weight loss

Customer: Annette   13 Nov 2012

Customer rating:

Simply magic! This oil was recommended to me about 3 years ago when I was suffering, every month, from debilitating PMS. I have taken a daily dose of 1 tablespoon (over my fruit and yoghurt based breakfast) ever since and no longer experience ANY premenstral symptoms. I started on Flax Bloom and moved on to Original after several months. My hair shines, my finger nails are strong and healthy - the benefits just go on and on. Thank you HealthPost for your competitive pricing. I'm a dedicated fan!

Customer: Cam   07 Sep 2012

Customer rating:

Waihi bush is outstanding! Great product. Would definitely recommend it to athlete who wants some decent repairing food for their body.

Customer: Ruth   02 Sep 2012

Customer rating:

I have been taking this oil daily for several years now and am impressed with how it keeps my usually dry skin moist. Happy to recommend it to anyone who has problems with dry skin.

Customer: Devon   24 Aug 2012

Customer rating:

Fantastic, if you don't like swallowing supplements, this is an ideal way to get your Omegas. I mix it in with homemade yoghurt and its undetectable. Was diagnosed with arthritis in the neck a couple of years ago and tried this on a friend's advice, and have not been waking up with a sore neck on the chilly winter mornings as Previously experience, highly recommend to all. AA++

Customer: Gwen   21 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

Wow, my husband and I have discovered this amazing flax oil on your website, and now won't use any other brand. The taste is really fresh and nutty and the fact that it is NZ produced and organic is a bonus. Discovering Healthpost in general has been a real advantage.... great company providing fantastic friendly and speedy service.

Customer: Karene   20 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

Waihi Bush organic oil is so yummy and light. I use it on my toast and in my smoothie for a healthy breakfast start to the day. There is no after taste, like with fish capsules, and knowing it is Kiwi makes me proud. Healthpost gets it to me cool and a couple of days after ordering it. Brilliant product and service.

Customer: Julie   12 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

I love Waihi Bush Flaxseed Oil!! It makes my skin & hair feel fantastic & healthy! I wish i had it on tap!

Customer: Bruce   27 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

I love this product, it is a great alternative to fish oil.

Customer: Sandi   26 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

Tastes good and helped relieve dry skin.

Customer: Nicci   26 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

Highly recommend this product! I use it daily on salads & veges. Great to know I'm getting my Omegas easily!

Customer: DEMELZA   11 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

This is one of the best Flax oils I've tried. Great tasting and an easy way to get your Omega 3's. I take it after dinner with a little water. Perfect for salad dressings as well :o)

Customer: Niranjali   25 May 2012

Customer rating:

This is the best Flax Seed Oil product I have tried, hands down. A little pricier than other NZ Flax seed oil products, so I usually wait until it is on special to buy it.

Customer: Claire   23 May 2012

Customer rating:

Lovely product, nice subtle flavour awesome in smoothies and muesli.

Customer: Jane   24 Apr 2012

Customer rating:

Delicious on salads, roast veggies and added to protein shakes. Far tastier and better for you than using shop bought dressing that are full of preservatives.

Customer: Jennifer   19 Apr 2012

Customer rating:

Excellent stuff. I swear by it. Lovely nutty taste too. Superb!

Customer: Rachel   26 Jan 2012

Customer rating:

100% no additives, Extra-Virgin, always tastes fresh and yummy. My Optician also says eating Flax Seed oil helps with increasing the natural eye lubrication and moisture for people with dry eyes, so thats an extra bonus! If you're comparing brands, the Flaxomega brand of Flax Seed oil has a 0.1% soy anti-oxidant additive which just doesn't measure up - tastes like inferior bulk cooking oil. I always go back to Waihi Bush happy for over 10 years now.

Customer: Traci   21 Jan 2012

Customer rating:

Excellent oil, I add it to my protein shakes, stir it into my yoghurt with LSA and add it to my porrige once it's cooled down. Great tasting oil, one of the best I've tasted.

Customer: Naomi   20 Dec 2011

Customer rating:

I have been giving 15mls to my chooks and they are giving back to us beautiful eggs with a very deep yellow yolk and their plumage looks great. thanks for such a wonderful product.

Customer: Rach   08 Dec 2011

Customer rating:

Fab product, use it liberally on toast, tastes amazing! Great substitute for olive oil in salad dressings as well.

Customer: Grant   05 Jul 2011

Customer rating:

We take this every day - absolutely fantastic for skin and hair and teeth, wow, great product and tastes nice too. Easy to use also in smoothies.

Customer: Jody   05 Jul 2011

Customer rating:

Love this product - just a tablespoon a day plus a balanced diet and I know I have the Omegas covered! No need to disguise the taste as it is really yummy. Swear by it.

Customer: Marlene   20 Jun 2011

Customer rating:

My husband has been taking flax seed oil liquid for some years now. It is marvellous for stopping his skin itching because of having to take medicines for High blood pressure. He always notices it when he is away and we forget to take it, so much so that when we did a month down south in February we stopped at a health food store in Alexandra and got some for him to use and that was only a week without it.

Customer: michelle   09 Mar 2011

Customer rating:

simply the best I have tried. I dont use butter or margarine anymore, I drizzle the oil on my toast and sandwiches and even pour a tablespoon over my breakfast cereal super yummy and way healthier than all the chemicals in margarine and the saturated fat in butter, great way to get your omegas.

Customer: Susannah   09 Mar 2011

Customer rating:

My family and I love Waihi Bush flax seed oil, I whizz a cup of the oil with a block of organic butter - tastes delish, easy to spread straight out of fridge!

Customer: LORNA   23 Sep 2009

Customer rating:

This flax oil is lovely, and great for both humans and animals! I put a spoonful into my dog's food each night. It's good for her coat, and to help ease itching of her skin. Flax Oil keeps well in the fridge.

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