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Malcolm Harker

According to the Malcolm Harker philosophy, nature has its own medicine chest. By using traditional herbal remedies, Malcolm Harker products have been helping thousands of people to achieve a better wellbeing and health. We're proud to have a large range of popular Malcolm Harker products, so you may discover the benefits too.
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Malcolm Harker

Malcolm Harker is one of our unique brands, which has been producing hand-made Herbal Tonics, Elixirs & Lotions in time-honoured ways for more than 35 years. Malcolm started by first healing himself from chronic illness, with the combination of a healthier diet and medicinal herbs. As he shared his extraordinary experience, demand for his tonics grew and now the Harker Herbals brand is found in selected New Zealand health stores.

Harker Herbal tonics may assist with a number of health concerns for children and adults such as cold and flu ailments, respiratory conditions, detoxing and energy levels. There is also a beauty and personal care range.

Product Reviews

  • Amazing Product!

    My partner and I are just finishing an 8 day parasite cleanse with this product. I am seriously impressed! We decided to stay away from sugar and processed foods during this time as well. After 8 days, I feel amazing, have ZERO cravings for any junk food or alcohol, my skin has cleared up and we both have high levels of energy. The taste is not bad at all, I actually quite enjoy it now :) Day 2-3 were the hardest (classic detox symptoms) so I would suggest starting on a Thursday so you have the weekend to recover and rest. This product works (you can see worms in your stools, thats all I am going to say) and I feel so healthy! I will be getting another bottle soon (Note: the big bottle lasted my partner and I 8 days, him taking 2-3/day and myself 4 doses/day)



  • Love Malcom's Products

    Love Malcolm Harker's products. This product does help relax. His book is also amazing and well worth a read. Keep up the good work.



  • Brilliant......

    I used this product when I had a chest infection and had been on antibiotics for a week. My cough seemed to be getting worse and I felt terrible. I took this 4x's a day for two days and my cough improved along with my breathing. It doesn't taste that great but I would highly recommend to anyone. I'm ordering more today!!



Wellness Blog

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  • Baby Eczema

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