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Scienza was founded in 2013 to create skin care remedy products, with ingredients sourced locally and internationally, and proudly developed and made in New Zealand.

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There's nothing quite like a beautiful, radiant glow to make you look and feel ten times younger. You'll stand taller, appear more confident and your self-esteem will soar when your skin is looking clean, clear and healthy.

Product Reviews

  • Fantastic

    I absolutely love this stuff. I was a little unsure since everything I used in the past didn't work and I must say my skin looks so good it's really hard to grasp. I use the product every morning and night. I did develop a few more pimples while using it but I stayed with it like I was instructed and applying sun screen when I am outside and wear a hat. It has only been 5 weeks and the good thing is, my skin looks so good now. It's really amazing I went out of the house for the first time with no makeup....yay! It really works."



  • ClearUp Plus A+

    I have only been on this for about a month, my daughter gave me her bottle to try. Since the first day I have started using it I have not seen one more pimple on my face. It is amazing! I did not experience any redness nor did it get worse before it got better. It is helping clear my existing acne marks also. I didn't have very bad acne to begin with but at one point I would get multiple pimples all at once on my cheeks. It was enough to make me self-conscience. My skin has however been quite oily but it's worth it in my opinion. I'm hoping as more time goes my skin will adjust. I suggest everyone give this a try."



  • Really Happy

    I was given a sample of Copaw and used it on my dry hands after helping out my mum gardening this past weekend. The results were awesome, nicely moisturised hands and the minor cuts I received from pruning seemed to look noticeably better. I think if I had applied the Copaw more than once, results would have been even better. I will definitely be using this product again!



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