Certified Organic Argan Oil - Cold Pressed

BioBalance Moroccan Argan Oil is a unique oil from the nuts of the Argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in Morocco. Argan oil contains an exceptionally high percentage of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega 6) ensuring the repair and defence of the skin by stimulating intracellular oxygenation.
Certified Organic Argan Oil - Cold Pressed
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BioBalance Argan Oil is a unique oil from the nuts of the Argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in Morocco. Argan oil contains an exceptionally high percentage of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega 6) ensuring the repair and defence of the skin by stimulating intracellular oxygenation.

High in vitamin E, Argan Oil is very moisturising, is quickly absorbed and is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is also high in essential fatty acids which help fight against drying and loss of elasticity in the skin, both of which encourage the appearance of wrinkles. The skin gains suppleness, elasticity and tone and becomes more resistant to ageing effects.

Helping to protect and regenerate the skin and leaving it soft and supple, Argan Oil is believed to help all sorts of skin conditions: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles.

Find out more about the benefits of Argan Oil in our article 'Argan Oil – Support Women’s Rights & Reforestation while Nourishing Your Hair' at the HealthPost blog.

BioBalance: HealthPost’s trusted own brand 

100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil

Face: Massage delicately a few drops of argan oil, "The Perfect Oil", on a cleansed face and neck.

Body: After a bath or a peeling, warm the oil in your hands and massage your body with upward movements 2 or 3 times a week.

Hair: Once a week spread the oil from the roots to the ends and leave for about an hour before shampooing. Dry and brittle hair recovers brilliance and suppleness.

Recommended to patch test before use.

Customer Reviews

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Average Rating:

Customer: Mirjam   11 Apr 2014

Customer rating:

Beautiful product. Skin is very soft. I felt the difference very quickly. Am 61 and will keep on coming back for more. Doesn't stay on top of the skin or make it shiny.

Customer: Tanya   25 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

Great product. Doesn't have the 'fake' smell like other brands on the market. Nice to use a more natural product.

Customer: Jess   21 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

Haven't got the chance to use much of this oil yet but so far nothing has changed. After towel drying my hair I apply this and when my hair is completely dry my hair is flat due to the oil. The packaging is not nice as the lid won't close properly; I twist it shut and then it untwists itself...

Customer: Tunde   07 Feb 2014

Customer rating:

I have buying this for years. First I got argan oil when visited Morocco. Everyone who has been there knows how beautiful the people are. I have not using anything else on my face, especially around my eyes anything but this argan oil and organic coconut oil. Amazing

Customer: Doon   23 Dec 2013

Customer rating:

Wow this oil is amasing! I received it as free gift and wasn't sure what it was but after only applying it for two days my facial skin is softer and smoother than any creams i've used for years!I think I'll be buying this now instead. Thanks Healthpost!

Customer: Cecile   17 Nov 2013

Customer rating:

Really nice but the smell was a bit too strong to keep using it on my hair. Would rather use it as a part of another product.

Customer: Audrey   15 Aug 2013

Customer rating:

Just started using this oil and it's great. Lovely and light. I love how you can use it on your face as well as hair. Thanks HealthPost for the fast delivery!

Customer: Cherie   25 Jul 2013

Customer rating:

Just finished my first bottle of this BioBalance Brand and will definitely be purchasing again. I have fine skin; but have looked after it for 50 Plus years. I have oiled my skin for the past 30 Plus years (when it wasn't fashionable) With this oil I add 4 drops to my moisturizer after cleansing & using a Toner Mist (Sukin Brand) and it just soaks in & then I can apply a Moisturizer. So for all you girls out there (& Guys) Oil your skin, it does make a difference.

Customer: Cornelia   30 May 2013

Customer rating:

Great oil, smells and feel nice, I like to put it on my face, oil makes it nice and smooth, can only recommend

Customer: Mel   30 May 2013

Customer rating:

Fantastic Product! My hair is now in the best condition it has ever been. A few drops goes a long way. The beauty of this product is that its silicone free so it doesn't build and coat your hair. Its great for the tips of long hair, styling short hair and amazing for the scalp! Used by all members of the family.

Customer: Liz   18 May 2013

Customer rating:

To my regret, I've only just recently come across this product and wish it had crossed my path years ago. Since applying it to hair and face as my daily moisturizer, I have noticed a marked change in hair-health and find it so much easier to style. My facialy skin feels softer and is starting to glow again. A little product goes a long way. Great value! Thanks HealthPost!

Customer: Shirley   17 May 2013

Customer rating:

I have been using argan oil every night as a night moisturiser and find that this oil is absorbing and nourishing. When I wake up next morning, my face is moisturised and supple and does not feen dryish, esp this winter months. I would recommend this oil for any ages as this very good- only have to apply 2-3 drops. Thank you HealthPost- Shirley

Customer: Joan   16 May 2013

Customer rating:

My daughter suggested i try this......I am so pleased took her advice. I use on both hair and face as a moisturiser. Both are feeling and looking better than they have in years. I'm sure it is ironing out my wrinkles :) luv it

Customer: Niwa   10 May 2013

Customer rating:

Absorbs nicely, good for my dry skin. Was hoping it would be good in my hair, on dry ends, found it just too oily even with a tiny amount.

Customer: Kirsten   02 Apr 2013

Customer rating:

Brilliant argan oil I have come across by far and I have purchased several. This oil is light and not at all greasy. It adds amazing shine to my hair and is far superior to the commercial products found in most hair salons which are often more expensive. I also use it on my face as well as on my 4 year old daughter's face and hair. If it was available in larger quantities I would certainly order.

Customer: Emma   19 Mar 2013

Customer rating:

Fantastic product, my skin is looking and feeling soft and fresh, but not too oily :) a few scars i had on my face from pimples are not invisible. Just a pain about the smell, it isn't bad just smells a bit like cooking oil :) no worries though good stuff!

Customer: Michelle   26 Feb 2013

Customer rating:

This product is excellent - I personally use it on my face (not used on hair, although I am sure it would do the job) and without a shadow of a doubt, this product does and has worked wonders on my skin. I receive comments all the time, about how good my complexion looks and feels. I recommend this product all the time.

Customer: Lindsay   26 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Previously used Moroccanoil but upon close inspection of the ingredients I was shocked that argan oil wasn't even one of the main ingredients, so once I finished it I switched to this one. This 100% pure and organic one has a vaguely nutty smell and is VERY potent, I put a small amount onto my palms, smooth it over the bottom half of my wet hair, and let it air dry. Anything left on my palms I rub on my feet and elbows. Really great single ingredient product!

Customer: Maree   20 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Excellent oil for skin use=psoriasis. Clears away rough surfaces. Best thing Ive tried ever. Will keep using this.

Customer: Patricia   09 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Use this on my hair and face and love it!!!

Customer: Sheila   09 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Lovely fine oil for face and decolletage. With the addition of a couple of drops of Rose Essential Oil, and/or Frankincense Essential Oil, it becomes a luxury treat for my face. Wonderful!

Customer: Seanne   08 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

Really like using this product as the oil is absorbed well and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy like all the other oils i have tried.

Customer: Amanda   03 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

I have been using this oil neat on my hair and seen incredible results. I also use it mixed with all of my hair products-conditioner and also leave in product. my hair sits and styles better. Use it also (mixed with another oil) on my face and body. Excellent results. Great stuff and good that is sustainable.

Customer: Tunde   28 Dec 2012

Customer rating:

I have known Argan oil for years, since I went to Morocco for a holiday. I bought local argan oil products then. I was very pleased to discover organic argan oil here. I have been using my second bottle now. I use it as a face oil in the morning and before bed and also I use a few drops on my hair as a hair oil. Even used it on the dog's skin when she suffered itchy and dry skin condition...Thank you ever so much

Customer: Cariad   11 Dec 2012

Customer rating:

Great on dry skin, lovely texture. Highly recommend

Customer: Gail    18 Sep 2012

Customer rating:

This is a lovely light oil with a very nice delicate smell. I use it on my face and it absorbs instantly with no greasy feeling at all. It's also excellent on my hair as a pre-wash conditioning treatment. I leave it on for about 30 mins then wash as usual and my unruly hair is easier to manage.

Customer: Gail   20 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

Great product as it is multi-use and reasonably priced. Good to know it is cold pressed and organic as I use it on my face, body and hair regularly.

Customer: Debbie   13 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

I have just received this product to try as a facial moituriser. I love it. The subtle smell reminds me of my fav drink, coffee, somehow. Will definitely get the larger size next time!

Customer: Sharon   05 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

I won this from you and am so delighted with it, my daughter has birds nests in her hair in the morning and rubbing 5 or 6 drops through and leaving for 5 minutes before brushing makes it so much easier, also makes my hair glossy and silky. One must be careful not to overdo it though!! or it turns into a wonderful conditioning treatment.

Customer: Margaret   28 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

This product is fabulous. I haven't tried on my hair but love it as a face and body oil.

Customer: Marcia   04 Jun 2012

Customer rating:

Excellent for hair and it helps my dry hands and décolletage. Smells way better than rosehip oil. I haven't seen result on my face but will continue and see what happens.

Customer: Kathryn   22 May 2012

Customer rating:

Only 4/5 because of the smell - VERY nutty! (You probably either love it or hate it -just a personal thing. I use it on my face so the smell is important.) Haven't noticed a massive difference to rosehip oil in terms of benefit, but this is cheaper (for now), so will probably persevere.

Customer: Eco   11 May 2012

Customer rating:

Wonderful oil! Easy to absorb and makes my skin moist without greasy. And great for my hair. Using as a hair treatment it tamed my frizzy curly hair and makes it soft. Also perfect for travel as it can be used for face, body and hair. Highly recommend!

Customer: Susan   11 May 2012

Customer rating:

I like the feel, smell and texture of it. I put it on my face, hands and toes. I'd rate it 4 out of 5 but I'm sure as I use it longer it'll be 5 stars. I hope you keep getting it!

Customer: Kim   11 Apr 2012

Customer rating:

This stuff is amazing. Great to see you selling it. I know a lot of hairdressers are promoting/selling it as a hair tonic but I use it as a skin moisturiser. I couldn't believe what a difference it made to the sun damage and fine wrinkles on my chest/collar area.

Customer: LISA   28 Mar 2012

Customer rating:

Great to know that you are now stocking this Product:) It is Fantastic! I have been using it now for 6 months on my Hair as it was going through a bit of a Beating in the Colour Department - needless to say I put it in when just washed,then after styling I put a samll amount in again. My Hair hasn't looked better in a long time it is less dry and easily managed.

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