Colloidal Silver Shampoo

Skybright Colloidal Silver Shampoo with Lemon is SLS and paraben free. All-natural ingredients keep hair tangle free, shiny and nourished, with a lovely lemon and lemongrass scent.

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Colloidal Silver Shampoo
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Skybright Colloidal Silver Shampoo with Lemon is free from all artificial chemicals, parabens (preservatives) and Sodium Laurel Sulphates. Contains Skybright Colloidal Silver.

All of the ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts and are G.E. free.

Only a small amount is needed to keep the hair tangle free, shiny and nourished, with a lovely lemon & lemongrass scent. Not tested on animals.

Aqua (water), Colloidal Silver (antibacterial agent), Cocamidopropyl betaine (Coconut oil foaming agent), Sodium chloride (salt), Glycol distearate (pearling agent), Vegetable glycerin, Laureth-10 (palm oil fatty acid), Citric acid, Lemon essential oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Customer Reviews

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Average Rating:

Customer: Gail   09 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

I find this shampoo really good and I appreciate that it comes in a trial size so I could try it out easily. I would definitely recommend you try it if you have any itchy scalp problems. I now use it regularly and find you do not need to use much but it is thinner and doesn't lather quite as well as the cheap supermarket shampoos which contain heavy detergents so this is a good point. Leaves my hair shiny and does not dry it out. Gentle pleasant scent.

Customer: Tracy   06 Feb 2014

Customer rating:

I hated this shampoo what a let down.

Customer: Jacqueline   06 Jul 2013

Customer rating:

Most important 1) it contains palm oil fatty acid 2) the instructions/info on back that suggest daily use is fine & that "best results follow with Skybright conditioner" does not make for trust 3) it does not just need "a small amount" 4) it made my scalp itchy 5) it is very expensive 6) my hair did not feel or look as good as many other shampoos have made it. For all those reasons, I can comfortably say it is the worst 'natural health' shampoo I have used.

Customer: Esther   07 Jun 2013

Customer rating:

So far I only used it 3 times and it did not seem to make much difference. Some shampoos have immediate/amazing effects but I did not get there yet with this one (fine hair, no volume, rather dry).

Customer: Pamela   23 May 2013

Customer rating:

After many years and much expense, at last a shampoo that suits my scalp and hair. So often I have had to throw away almost new bottles of shampoo after an instant adverse reaction, but this product has felt calming and gentle to my scalp and my hair is clean, soft and manageable.

Customer: Penny   08 Jan 2013

Customer rating:

So much better than the salon shampoo's I had been using. Great for my fine hair and scalp health. Leaves it soft, shiny and smelling gorgeous and a small amount goes a long way!

Customer: Noor   29 Oct 2012

Customer rating:

I have dry scalp with flaky dandruff especially near the hairline, although my hair is oily. With this shampoo, I can see improvement with my dandruff. After the first wash, I still have dandruff but to a lesser extent. But after the 3rd wash,dandruff's gone and hair feels baby soft. The only thing is the consistency of the shampoo is a bit runny (not very viscous), I need to use quite a lot to clean my whole head/hair, although it said that only a little was needed.

Customer: Dougal   13 Apr 2012

Customer rating:

First let me express my amazement at your delivery service; ordered one day and delivered the next! After years of suffering from dry and sometimes itchy scalp, and having spent a fortune on expensive salon shampoos with little improvement to my scalp condition, I recently ordered your Skybright Shampoo. One wash and my scalp was no longer dry, flaking or itchy. I will be recommending this shampoo to family and friends!

Customer: Leanne   28 Mar 2012

Customer rating:

This shampoo is lovely and fresh. Has stopped my itching in relation to psoriasis of the scalp. Lovely product

Customer: Anya (HealthPost staff)   13 Feb 2012

Customer rating:

For many years now I (and my mum) have suffered from an itchy scalp at the back of my head and flaky skin on the hairline of my forehead. I started using plant based shampoos which helped, but still had problems. Finally I tried this and haven't looked back since. No more flakes or itching at all! Fantastic!

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