Looking for a thoughtful gift idea to surprise your loved one with? Instead of buying gifts just for the sake of it, find joy in conscious giving.

Presents that are good for our planet and sure to be appreciated is a great way to be mindful, rather than wasteful while gift shopping.

For clean, natural, organic, and sustainable gift ideas they’ll love, here’s some food for thought.

Gifts under $20

As thoughtful as they are unique, these budget-friendly gifts are a smarter choice for your wallet.

Got a cheese lover to buy for? Consider Culture Cupboard Camembert & Brie Starter Culture and give them an introduction to artisan cheese making. This pack contains 5x sachets, with expertly blended cultures and moulds and each sachet makes two traditional creamy, delicious chesses.

If you know someone who is partial to a little bit of quality chocolate (who isn’t?!), you can’t beat Bennetto Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate, a delicious, Peruvian dark chocolate made from organic ingredients and with a generous amount of toasted hazelnut pieces.

For those who love to travel,  a travel size Shampoo and Conditioner from Holistic Hair that can be refilled for the next trip is a welcome addition to an overnight case. Our Ethical by Nature products treat your hair and the planet with care.

A  glass nail file by Hanami is a fantastic forever gift. It will never go blunt, is gentle on the nails, and easier to keep clean than disposable nail files, avoiding the transfer of germs from nail file to nails.

Tea lovers can appreciate taking time out of a busy day for a cup of tea. But with plastic being found in many supermarket tea bags, this is the perfect time for a reusable  tea infuser and some loose tea leaves. Ginger or liquorice can support digestion, chamomile and passionflower support relaxation and sleep, while green tea provides excellent antioxidant support. There’s a tea for everyone.

Gifts for Him

This SustainaBLAH Stainless Steel Razor is a great zero-waste gift. Completely plastic-free, the only part that needs replacing are the blades. It’s also a great gift for women and available in a range of colours. Pair it with a waste-free Ethique Top-To-Toe Shaving Bar or with Dr Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soap for a 100% naturally clean shave.

It’s hard to go past the gift of chocolate, especially for that special someone who already has everything they need.  Pana Chocolate Mint Chocolate is made from 60% raw organic cacao and peppermint essential oil, plus it’s refined sugar free and suitable for vegans. Of course, what you really want to know is that it’s creamy, minty and melts in your mouth.

If he’s following a keto diet and loves his morning coffee, this nutritional indulgence will be a huge hit. Before You Speak Keto Coffee Creamer Caramel is loaded with coconut, MCT, avocado oil, acacia fibre and naturally sweetened with stevia. And although it’s a Coffee Creamer, it can be added to recipes, shakes and smoothies for that extra dose of healthy fats and prebiotic fibre. 

Hemp is becoming increasingly popular as people discover the health benefits of this ancient, nutrient rich superfood. If he likes a spicy kick to his meals, he’ll love New Hemisphere Chilli Flavoured Hemp Seed Oil, with its nutty roasted garlic flavour and aromatic fiery finish. Ideal as a finishing oil to drizzle over salads, pasta, stir fries or dips.

Gifts for Her

Award-winning New Zealand made  Kiwi Seed Gold Luminous Eye Cream from Antipodes is a beautiful treat for the woman if your life. She’ll glow with this combination of Kiwi Seed, 23K gold flakes and nourishing plant actives to help soften lines and calm stressed skin.

Available in a range of sets and colours, the  Hanami Nail Polish Collection Packs include four 9ml mini polishes in a gorgeous gift box. The Hanami nail polishes are vegan friendly, ‘10-free’, water permeable, cruelty-free, and are hands down the cleanest nail polishes we have found.

Make her a gift pack of nourishing teas from Organic India, who are B Corp certified and making meaningful change in India with regenerative farming. There is a huge range of teas available which all contain the amazing Tulsi – a herb that is restorative and strengthening to the body. Spread the tea love with Tulsi Sleep Tea, Tulsi Wellness Tea, Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea, or Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea.

Treat her to a soothing and hydrating Indie and Mae Face Clay, which comes complete with a handy application brush. Fancy! The dry formulation is a blend of French pink clay, aloe vera and chamomile powders and the mask is made by mixing a small amount with water or face toner and brushed onto the skin for an exfoliating and hydrating pamper session.

If she’s into a bit of homesteading, or even if she just loves to cook, she’s sure to appreciate  Country Trading Co. Yoghurt Maker. Made from stainless steel and with a glass jar, it’s completely plastic free and comes with a detailed recipe book. It’s super simple to make yoghurt from either dairy or plant-based milks.

Healthy Gifts

Everyone is talking about functional mushrooms, so they are the perfect gift for biohackers and health fanatics. Reishi or cordyceps can be added to coffee or tea to add the nutritional aspects of mushrooms to a morning drink.  Reishi soothes the body and nourishes the adrenals and Cordyceps tones the body, supporting stable energy. Harking from Bondi Beach, Superfeast, is a brand we love – they are doing amazing work with sourcing ‘better-than-organic’ mushrooms and herbs.

Another option for superfoodies, Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte is a creamy coconut milk powder blended with marine algae, spirulina, sustainably sourced bush honey and Ayurvedic chai spices. It tastes great and because it’s caffeine free it’s a great non-stimulating alternative to coffee or tea.

For someone that’s less about the gin and more about the healthy tonic over summer, why not treat them to a bottle of Daily Good Ginger Daily Tonic? Formulated with organic NZ Manuka honey, ginger and apple cider vinegar, each bottle contains seven daily doses or shots, which can be taken neat or diluted in a “hot toddy” or with cold water to make a refreshing summer spritzer.

Honey for your honey? Why not?! New Zealand Raw Honey Company Honeycomb is as good as it gets – unprocessed honey straight from the hive in wax comb. From beehives in stunning Central Otago, this white clover honey has a delicate flavour and a naturally liquid texture that’s truly exquisite as an accompaniment to a cheese platter or generously smeared on your favourite toast.

Sustainable Swaps

Inspire people you love to shift towards greener pastures with these sustainable living swaps.

With their bright, fun ‘ocean love’ images, these super practical, CaliWoods Beeswax Wraps are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, leftovers and great for the fridge or the lunchbox. Handmade in Raglan from organic cotton and local beeswax, they will last for up to a year and can be composted at end-of-life.

CaliWoods Reusable Metal Straws Mixed Pack has cocktails and smoothies covered, with two bent straws, two smoothie straws and a natural fibre cleaner brush. They are stylish, durable and can be used again and again. Plus, the entire pack – and packaging – is plastic free.

Perfect for makeup removal or little messy mouths, SustainaBLAH Washable Cotton Flannelette Pads are super soft and gentle on your skin. Plus, you can feel good that you’re not contributing to an unethical cotton trade and adding to the landfill with single-use cotton pads.

Gift Packs

For the one who has everything, you can’t go wrong with a gift pack! Or, if you know your loved one loves a specific brand, they are always delighted to try something new.

Antipodes Beauty Icons contains three moisturising products in travel-friendly sizes, including Antipodes number one global seller Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream along with Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum and Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. We love that this gift set is encased in quality recycled card and the glass jars and aluminium tubes are fully recyclable.

This cult must-have is ideal for beauty connoisseurs or anyone who suffers from dry skin. Weleda Skin Food Day & Night Set offers intensive moisturising and soothing plant power with a super-rich night cream and a lighter lotion ideal for day use.

Formulated by a qualified naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist, Misty Day Plant Potions Mini Gift Box contains a collection of five tonic powders to nourish the body, fortify the mind and invigorate the spirit. The beautiful Mini Gift Box brings together a trial size (25g) of the most popular misty day herbal potions including:

  • Bliss stress, energy and mood
  • Lovers libido, stress, pleasure
  • Power performance, endurance and energy
  • Shroom stress, memory and immunity
  • Zen calming antioxidant

The powders can be mixed with coffee, tea, smoothies, or even added to baking.

A trilogy of  Trilogy’s top sellers in one cute gift pack, Trilogy Rosehip Three-Step Set contains the perfect three-step skin care routine in a reusable bag. The set includes award-winning and iconic Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, along with Cream Cleanser and Vital Moisturising Cream. It’s a great introduction to the brand or makes perfect packing for a weekend away.

If you know someone that’s keen to really reduce their impact on the planet, why not get them onto the waterless beauty trend to save water and cut plastic waste? Packaged in a 100% compostable chocolate style box, Ethique Hair Sampler contains five best-selling solid mini shampoos and conditioners from their haircare range so it’s ideal for the whole family to try the best ones for their hair type and condition.

For someone in need of some time out, The Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Facial Set is a two-step kit for deep cleansing including a Clarifying Steam Bath and Clarifying Clay Mask to deeply cleanse the skin for a smooth and refined looking complexion.

Make mindful choices this Christmas by supporting local brands that are going the extra mile to give back, have plastic-free packaging, and cleaner ingredients. Instead of wrapping paper, look at recycling second-hand fabrics or scarves, or use previously given gift bags or boxes. If you must wrap, consider recycled brown paper tied with brightly coloured reusable bows or wrap with twine and decorate with leaves or flowers, or stencil a personal message on with a sharpie pen. Stylish, personalised and with a lower carbon footprint.

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