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Does shaping up for summer mean I have to feel hungry all the time?
What are the best weight loss tips?

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Summer is well and truly here and it is time to shed the winter woollies and come to terms with the extra weight that has been keeping you warm over the winter. It is a general perception that when trying to lose weight we must suffer, eat only a little and starve our body into submission. In fact that is the last thing we should be doing. It has been shown that following calorie restricted diets, around 1000 – 1200 calories per day, causes the body to think we are starving. This causes our metabolic rate to slow in order to conserve energy, leaving us tired. A follow on affect is that when you go back to eating normally you put the weight back on really quickly.

So if that is the wrong approach then what should we do? Here are Clinician's Top 10 Weight Loss Tips:

1. Balanced Diet:

Recent studies have shown that changing the balance in the types of foods we eat can help us lose weight and still feel satiated. By increasing protein (leans meats, fish, low fat dairy, eggs, legumes) and lowering highly sugar or starchy foods (bread, white rice, pasta, junk food) can make all the difference and not leave you hungry.

2. Eat Slowly:

Satiety can be increased by eating more slowly. This gives time for the receptors in our body to switch on and tell us we are full before it is all too late. Think of when you last wolfed down a load of food and then 15 minutes later you are feeling over stuffed and uncomfortable. A recent study published in the NZ Herald showed that middle aged women who ate more slowly were less likely to be obese than those that ate quickly.

3. Nutrients:

Low serotonin, the feel good hormone, may be associated with over eating. Lack of this substance may lead to depression and lack of sleep, both of which tend to lead us to poor food choices and trying to eat for energy. Serotonin release is triggered by a carbohydrate load (sugar, etc.), so there is a thought that we are subconsciously reaching for these foods for serotonin release. 5 HTP, a substance that provides the raw materials for serotonin, may aid in weight loss and improve sleep patterns for some individuals.

4. Food Diary

Yes, I know this can be hard, but if you can write down your daily food intake you will be able to keep track on where you went right/wrong. Many people give up after a hard week and don’t have the facts to reflect on why things didn’t go according to plan. Download your food diary on Also sometimes that cup cake seems less appealing if you have to write it down.

5. Believe in breakfast

The National Weight Control registry quotes breakfast as one of the key factors to long term weight control. A healthy breakfast keeps blood sugar and hormone levels stable while your metabolism hums along at a higher level, burning more calories.

6. Eat foods that are in season in your local area

Edgar Casey put forward the view that your body works in tune with the seasons and that eating foods out of season (especially imported from another hemisphere) is not as healthy as eating foods in season. A lot of root vegetables are at their most energy dense in winter, a time when more calories are needed to keep us warm. Whereas in summer a lot more juicy fruits are in season.

7. A little often – is better than a lot all at once

Applies everywhere. Eating food in a big heap once a day, most nutritionists dissuade people from. We are not cars and our ingested food does not sit in our stomach waiting to enter our biological “carburettors.” Most of it goes into storage – which then needs energy to pull it out of storage. Likewise twenty minutes a day exercise is better than one big 2 and a half hour splurge once a week.

8. Don’t use the scales to measure your body shape

All scales do is measure your weight – that’s it – that’s all. Don’t use the mirror either – different mirrors make you look different. One of your best measures is dress sizes or pants, etc. Weight on – clothes are tighter. Weight off – clothes are looser. Don’t use feet and shoes – as the feet change size over a 24 hour period.

9. Eat food that spoils before it spoils

Food in a can does not spoil. Food with preservatives in it does not spoil. This would suggest that the enzymes and vitamins, plus that intangible essence that gives something fresh that extra zing to boost your body – is gone. Nutrionists seem not to really want to acknowledge the health benefit of the enzyme content of fruit and veggies. These enzymes confer vast health benefits on making your digestive tract pump along at its optimum.

10. Raw, raw, raw

Raw food is the power house of your gut. The pace for your life is set by the good bacteria in your gut. No bacteria – no life – it’s that simple. The good bacteria feed on raw fruit and veggies. “But I don’t like raw food.” Get on the net and explore the thousands of ways you CAN make raw food more palatable than cooked food.

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