Q&A with BePure Clinical Manager, Lisa Walker

BePure's Clinical Manager Lisa Walker

Please introduce yourself and your role at BePure?

My name’s Lisa Walker and I am the Clinical Manager and Lead Researcher for BePure. I am a qualified nutritionist and health nerd with a passion for learning and empowering others with the knowledge they need to help themselves, and those around them. I spend my week days geeking out on research papers, formulating products, helping clients and educating anyone willing to listen on all things health and wellbeing.

What areas of wellbeing are you prioritising this year for BePure?

This year, I am honing in on reframing weight management “detoxification” and disseminating knowledge on gut health, how it impacts your wellbeing and what to do about it. These are our core areas of education for 2022, aligning with what’s most challenging for our customers and clients and their needs.

What are your top three wellbeing tips for anyone just getting started on their wellness journey?

Everyone’s health journey is unique and what works for one person may not be the best thing for someone else. This said, here are three foundational principles that are helpful for anyone embarking on a wellness journey.

1. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Small sustainable habits have a bigger impact on our wellbeing long term than “all-in” attempts to overhaul our health in a few weeks or months. Health is a journey of a thousand steps, just one step in the right direction can change the entire trajectory of our path. For example, something as small as drinking enough water on a regular basis can be life changing. I have seen it many times over in our clinical practice and it is the most powerful bit of advice I could give anyone. 

2. Get support. 

Bring friends and family along the journey with you so you can tackle any challenges as a team, support each other to stay the course and share the experience of wellbeing. When we grow together, we build shared experiences and an environment that makes lasting change possible and fosters a space for shared growth. 

3. Keep it simple. 

Looking after your body does not have to be complicated. Simple concepts like eating whole foods, drinking more water, moving your body regularly and sleeping well are recommendations that serve most people almost all of the time. It is easy to get caught up in the latest trend or newest thing on Instagram but my years of clinical practice have taught me that it is these simple foundations that make the biggest difference to our health and wellbeing.

Woman happily holds BePure product

Tell us about BePure, how it came to be and where it is today?

Research suggests the way we live is taking a toll on our health. Food quality is diminishing and modern farming practices mean fewer nutrients in our soil, which means fewer nutrients in our food. On top of this, stress levels are increasing and we’re demanding more from our bodies. Health challenges are on the rise as nutrient deficiencies are becoming the norm. This is where BePure comes in.

Recognising the rise in health challenges we found that so many of them are driven by diet and lifestyle issues, such as stress, poor sleep and nutrient deficiencies. Without sounding cheesy because it really has depth and is what drives us, our core purpose is to transform lives - whether it's through our premium supplement range designed to fill those nutrient gaps, our empowering education designed to inspire people to get interested and take action when it comes to their health or our leading scientific wellness clinic where we support people one on one.

Pretty much unless something is truly going to transform someone’s wellness, we don’t bother doing it, which is why we find people really love our products and services so much. They’re not driven by fads or trends, they’re about what people really need, and they’re designed to really work to meet those needs. It’s such inspiring work to be a part of.

What makes BePure’s range unique?

All of BePure’s products have been created out of real need, identified in our years of first hand experience within the BePure Clinic and feedback from our thousands of customers.

Formulations are based on extensive research, science and what’s worked for our clients in the BePure Clinic. This means they’re always high strength, high quality, bioavailable and best in class or in a class of their own.

As mentioned earlier, unless a product is really going to transform someone’s wellness, we won’t make it. We’re not about fads or trends, we’re about making products that truly support our customers. Which I think is evident in the feedback we hear from our customers who we love so much.

As one of our Mindful Brands, what are your sustainability commitments?

We’ve always had sustainability as a key pillar at BePure. One example is we’re incredibly mindful about our packaging. From the start we’ve used glass jars that can be easily recycled or up-cycled. We also send our products in cardboard boxes with compostable wood wool to avoid plastic as much as possible too.

Internally, we’ve also got a team beach clean up coming up this month, which is always a fun way to team build and help clean up our beautiful ocean shores.

Thinking about how and where else we can do better for our environment is always on our mind and is a big focus for 2022 and beyond. We have some exciting moves coming up so watch this space!

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For anyone new to your range, where would you suggest they start?

My go-to products are our BePure One, Two, and Three. They have all of your baseline nutrients and probiotics needed to rejuvenate our cells, support our gut health and keep us feeling good every day.

BePure One

BePure One

Our ultimate multivitamin with over 50 essential nutrients on an organic greens blend.

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BePure Two

BePure Two

A powerful probiotic with 13 strains of good gut bacteria.

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BePure Three

BePure Three

High strength omega three fish oil, sustainably sourced and tested for freshness and purity (an absolute MUST when taking fish oil).

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What’s ahead for BePure in 2022?

As mentioned, we're looking to take some extra strides in our actions for the environment which I’m personally so excited and passionate about along with the team.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting new additions coming out in spring that complement our current product range so nicely to help us all get a little more BePure goodness in our days, every day. Think restorative, think energising, think gut loving. Watch this space!

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