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Zambian Health Centre

For the people of Kambobe and the surrounding Mporokoso area in Northern Zambia, access to health care services is extremely difficult. People in urgent need of medical care have to walk up to 30 kilometres (taking between 6-9 hours) in order to access health care at the closest Township Clinic. Due to a very limited number of health personnel many patients are then forced to wait over 12 hours, or even days, in a queue to be attended to.

To help the people of Kambobe and Mporokoso, HealthPost has chosen use the Better World donation programme to work with World Vision to help build a new health centre (coincidentally called a Health Post) in Kambobe. This will directly contribute to improved healthcare, including maternal, new-born and child health, by reducing the number of kilometres patients have to walk to access health care services. The Zambian Government has agreed to support the Health Centre on an ongoing basis by providing staff, medical supplies and technical assistance.

We're very excited to announce that construction of the new health centre has been completed, and it has been officially opened and presented to the local government.
We'd like to send a massive thank you to everyone who chose the Zambian Health Centre as a charity selection to help make this amazing project possible!

Please see the latest update from World Vision below.

A new health post brings hope - completion 2016

"Joy and jubilation erupted in Mporokoso as the new health post opened in October 2016. The post provides 8,000 people with maternal, new-born, and child health services that previously were a 30km walk away. Thanks to the generosity of HealthPost Ltd. and a legacy from the late Mr. Alastair Ross, the children and families of Mporokoso now have access to the healthcare they need.

The project also included the construction of a new borehole to support the health post and the neighbouring school. Latrines and staff housing were also built to ensure quality sanitation and services for staff. The community supported the project by supplying over 60,000 bricks for the construction of the health post as well as helping with the build. Children and their families can now receive treatment for malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea, HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, maternity and post-natal support and other common illnesses.

Women in Mporokoso are hugely excited they now have a health post so close to the village. Before it was built women would opt for a risky home birth rather than take the 30km walk to hospital, or even worse, drive the distance on bumpy, dusty roads. This often resulted in loss of life as complications that arose would go untreated. Pregnant women now feel much safer with the new health post so close to home."


Zambian Health Centre Completion 2016

Mporokoso District Commissioner Patrick Chewe cutting the ribbon to officially open the health post while World Vision staff and the community witness. The new health post will service 8,000 members of the community, especially children and pregnant women.

Zambian Health Centre Completion 2016

The health post with new latrines on the left and staff housing on the right. The staff housing will ensure staff are always onsite and its presence also highlights the longevity of the health post.

Zambian Health Centre Completion 2016

A new borehole and water point uses solar power to pipe water to both the health post and the local school. Many children were excited to witness the handover of the health post to the local government.

Zambian Health Centre Completion 2016

Many dignitaries, including (L-R) His Royal Highness Chief Mporokoso, District Commissioner Patrick Chewe and World Vision representative Makabaniso Ndhlovu gathered to honour the opening of the health post. The community put on a drama to demonstrate how people used to die during child birth, and to highlight the importance of the health post in helping to avoid maternal and child deaths.

January 2016

“The community of Kambobe sends you warm greetings as they celebrate the near completion of their health post, incinerator and one VIP latrine. The structures are a marvel to the eyes of the people who, for a long time, are subjected to walking over 30km to access medical treatment.
The contractor engaged in the construction of a health post, incinerator and VIP latrine is doing a fantastic job. Our partners from the District Medical Office and the District Works Supervisor are satisfied with the workmanship and have certified the structures as meeting government standards.
There is also steady progress being made on the staff house which has now reached ring beam level. After another four courses of brick work, the structure will be ready for plastering and roofing. This will happen in the next two months or so, depending on funding."

Zambian Health Centre January 2016

Front and back elevation of the health post at Kambobe.

Zambian Health Centre January 2016

The inside of the health post showing the ceiling and shelves.

Zambian Health Centre January 2016

The completed Incinerator.

Zambian Health Centre January 2016

The completed VIP (ventilated irrigated pit) Latrine.

Zambian Health Centre January 2016

The Staff house in the construction phase.

September 2015

"Following HealthPost’s generous commitment to fundraise the remaining capital for the Mporokoso Health Centre, we are very proud to show the latest construction. We are now well on our way to having an incinerator (essential for managing medical waste and keeping a hygienic environment, plus the VIP (ventilated irrigated pit) latrine which is nearing completion and the very important staff accomodation. The supplies for roofing and painting materials are almost with us so the process of roofing the structures commences tomorrow. Our community is hugely excited."

Zambian Health Centre September 2015

A health post at plastering stage awaiting roofing and painting. Mothers, fathers and children are eager to see it completed and operational.

Zambian Health Centre September 2015

Left to right: Incinerator is in its final stages of construction. Soon all medical waste will be disposed of efficiently. The VIP latrine, soon to be roofed.

Zambian Health Centre September 2015

The staff house is also under construction – things are looking very good for our community, thanks to HealthPost New Zealand and their support of our Health Post .

August 2015

"Construction is going very well! The excavation of the site has been completed, the borehole that will provide the clinic with fresh water has been drilled, construction of the VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit) latrine is underway, and the project is on task to be completed within the agreed timeframe."

Zambian Health Centre August 2015

Left to right: Mporokoso Area Development Programme Manager helps out with the building of the box in readiness for the slab. Construction of the Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine is also underway, and looking impressive!

Zambian Health Centre August 2015

Left to right: It was a lot of fun operating the compactor. We are on course! The excavation works are nearing completion. The contractor thinks they will complete the project within scope, timeframe and on budget.

Zambian Health Centre August 2015

The borehole for fresh water has been drilled and is awaiting mechanisation.

June 2015

"Following HealthPost’s generous commitment to fundraise the remaining capital for the Mporokoso Health Centre, preliminary activities have begun and the local community are incredibly excited! They have heard about the vision for the Centre from a Ministry of Health representative, they have helped to clear the site, and prospective contractors have been briefed."

Zambian Health Centre June 2015

Clockwise from left: A representative from the Ministry of Health shares the vision for the Health Centre at a community meeting. Community members clear the site to make way for the construction of the Health Centre to begin. World Vision’s Development Manager shares notes with prospective contractors during a visit to the site.

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