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Children's Immune

As a parent, the choices you face concerning the wellbeing of your children can sometimes be a little overwhelming. You already know that the fundamentals of keeping your child healthy and happy include sufficient sleep, a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise. However, when their immunity is compromised it can cause worry and uncertainty. By choosing properly formulated natural medicine, you can feel confident that you are assisting their body’s defences, while avoiding exposure to unneeded additives that are common in conventional alternatives.

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Children's Immune Info

Everyday we’re exposed to common pathogens such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and harmful microorganisms. While your child’s immune system is still developing, it can be more vulnerable to these contagions. Herbal and nutritional supplements may help build up nutritional strength and support immune development. They are also known to provide some soothing relief for a variety of seasonal ailments. You may also like to find out more information from our blog article about immune support for babies, infants and children.

Product Reviews

  • Great product


    My daughter loves these. Great product that I believe helps keep the snuffles and colds at bay which means less time off school and less chance that the rest of the family get sick with the 'school' coughs and colds! We will definitely keep using these in our household. Excellent service from Healthpost as always.



  • Will persist...


    Didn't find this helped to much with the kids viral infections, was hard to get them to take it... 'yucky' was the word they used. I will persist however as I really love the Artemis brand and have used their other products with results.



  • Works but...


    This stuff is good, it works!! But BOY does it taste revolting!! I can't believe any of the reviews that say it tastes good and their kids like it. I hide it in juice but even then you can taste it from a mile off.



Wellness Blog

  • Pre school immunity support

    Has your little one recently started at day care and now it feels like they are snuffly and snotty all the time? When kids first start at childcare centres it can be quite a shock ...

  • Building Back to School Immunity

    Whether your children are going to kindy for the first time or just starting a new school term they will soon be exposed to lots of children and lots of new germs.  So to start ...

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