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Children's Health Products

Children's health needs are special and vary considerably from those of adults. It makes sense to support children's nutritional and health requirements with products that are specifically formulated for their unique needs and which help to maintain balance and support their young bodies naturally.

HealthPost carries a wide range of products from leading health and wellbeing companies, tailored specifically for infants and children.

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Children's Health

We all desire our children to be healthy and happy. Raising contented, active children includes providing a loving environment and caring for their development and wellbeing. You may find that natural products - specifically formulated for children - may help with boosting your child’s immunity, providing additional nutrition for growth, and easing problems such as over-excitability, infant gas, teething pains and sleeping troubles.

The health requirements of infants and children vary considerably from those of adults. Their bodies are not yet fully developed, with immature immune and detoxification systems requiring different nutritional support and supplementation from adults, and with the average infant being born ‘pre-polluted’ with hundreds of toxic chemicals, it’s vital their young bodies are protected from further harm via environmental toxins, processed foods and more.

Mother Nature knows best. Using natural health products is a gentle option that works in harmony with the body rather than disrupting normal functions. Children’s health needs are special. Consider how much growth and brain development a baby has to achieve before they are even a year old. In fact, if humans developed at the same rate of growth as a newborn in their first month of life, by the age of ten years they’d be nearly 6 metres tall! However, it goes without saying, that maximum nutrition, vitamins and minerals are vital in all stages of a child’s development.

HealthPost’s selection of infant and child health products cover the majority of child-specific needs. These include multi-vitamins and superfood products, fish oils and DHA to support healthy brain function and growth, numerous products to support teething and colic, herbal medicines to support healing from various ailments, probiotics for optimal digestive health, and many more. With a variety of products from top producers, there is something for every need in the extensive children’s health range.

Product Reviews

  • Amazing cure for colds


    We just got this product recently and it is amazing!
    Normally our colds linger for a week but this product cured cold symptoms in two days. My son normally gets it on his chest but not this time!
    Thank you Artemis for the excellent product for kids immune health. We will definitely make sure we have this on hand all winter



  • Noticeable improvement already


    Our 15 year old daughter has always struggled academically at school. She has been found to have receptive language delay and has been attending speech pathology for just over a year now. Recently, we were advised to have her tested for ADHD as the Speech Pathologist did a test and results indicated a definite learning problem. She has recently been diagnosed with ADD by a specialist in the field and the only option presented to us was to treat her with Ritalin - something I'm not prepared to rush into.

    About 10 years ago, my Nephew was placed on a low dosage of Ritalin for the same reason as my daughter ... purely academic struggles, nothing behavioural. He was only on it a short time, when his Paediatrician took him off it due to links to childhood stroke and the fact he didn't have severe ADHD/ADD issues. His Paediatrician recommended Efamol Efalex to my sister and they never looked back. He is now a qualified chef, travelling the world.

    I recently purchased our first 2 bottles of Efamol Efalex for our daughter to try. She has been taking the dosage every morning with breakfast for approx. 3 weeks now and I can't believe the change in her already! Every night she has been in her room doing homework. If you knew our daughter, you'd understand what a huge achievement that is, in itself. Last year she received daily lunchtime detentions due to no homework getting done .... because she just didn't get it - not even with our help.

    I received a phone call this week from the year coordinator at her school, advising me how impressed they have been with her start to this year. Our daughter came home, telling us her Mathematics teacher commented on the fact she is answering questions in class! School here started 4 February - hence we are certain this oil is really helping her.

    This cannot just be coincidence! The change is too severe - a great contrast to every other year.

    Our only frustration is being told by countless pharmacies and health food stores they can no longer stock Efamol Efalex in Australia. Says who and why??!! With so many children being diagnosed with ADHD, why would such a great, natural product be removed, leaving only the option of tablets that pose health risks? My sister used to be able to buy it off the shelf at any Chemist, just 10 years ago ....

    We love your product, based on our experience, and hope to continually be able to purchase it online to avoid possible harm to our beautiful daughter. Thank you for the great service, prompt delivery and the opportunity to help our daughter with a quality, natural product.



  • Great Taste


    I have just bought these for my grandson, aged seven, as his old brand changed the formula of the product and he did not like the taste at all of the new formula. However, these are perfect and he enjoys the taste - they definitely make a difference and I can notice when I forget to give him his two a day. Highly recommended.



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