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Nature's Own Sleep-Ezy contains ingredients that have been carefully selected for their calming effect, and to help relieve insomnia. Few things are as important for our overall well-being as quality, restful sleep.

Contains Hops which have been used in traditional western herbal medicine for their natural sedative action.

Main Uses:

  • Helps relieve insomnia.
  • Helps relieve nervous unrest.

  • May contain a trace amount of gluten from maltodextrin derived from wheat.
  • People on prescribed medicines check with your doctor first. May potentiate the effect of hypnotic medicines. Care with driving and operating machinery.

Adults take 2-3 capsules one hour before retiring for the night with milk or herbal tea, or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Each Capsule Contains:

  • Valerian extract equiv. to dry root 556mg
  • Hops extract equiv. to dry flower 250mg
  • Chamomile extract equiv. to dry herb top flowering 100mg
  • Passion Flower extract equiv. to dry herb 100mg
  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate 100mg
    • (equiv. to elemental calcium 23.3mg)
  • Magnesium phosphate 50mg
    • (equiv. to elemental magnesium 10.4mg)

Also contains: Gluten from maltodextrin derived from whaet.

No added: Yeast, lactose, sugar, artificial colours or flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, dairy products.

  • Helps relieve insomnia
  • Helps relieve nervous unrest

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06-10-2018 14:19:29
This is the best
06-10-2018 14:19:29
I have chronic insomnia and I have spent a fortune on sleeping products including prescription medication but I always come back to Sleep Ezy - it works the best for me. I dont have a problem getting to sleep - I have a problem staying asleep and Sleep Ezy really helps. I take 2 tablets 30 minutes before I turn out my light. If I take 3 tabs it doesnt work the same - I wake up. I find that I can get 7to 8 hrs sleep most nights. There are the very occasional nights that I do wake but this product has given me the confidence that I will sleep and I am not getting all anxious about not sleeping which can keep me awake. I do find that the product needs to be fresh so if I have a period of not using it for a while it doesnt have the same effect. When I replace it with a new bottle, it works well. This product does not leave me groggy in the morning. I highly recommend Sleep Ezy.

08-09-2017 18:42:05
Didn't work for us
08-09-2017 18:42:05
Husband and I don't have a problem going to sleep but with staying asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes for hours. Hoped these capsules would do the trick. Even taking 3 at the time didn't make any difference. However perhaps they are just for helping for getting off to sleep, therefore have given it a satisfactory rating.

03-06-2017 13:34:43
Deeper sleep and wake refreshed
03-06-2017 13:34:43
I don't usually have trouble falling asleep but I have a restless night, waking a lot and lots of dreams. I took 3 capsules of Sleep-Ezy a night to start with and had a much deeper sleep from the first night. But the best thing I noticed was that I was waking naturally before my alarm with a clear head and more energy!

06-09-2016 17:02:21
A fantastic product that works
06-09-2016 17:02:21
My partner tried these after trying a few other natural sleep products, this is the only one that has worked! He had on-going trouble getting to sleep and was waking up during the night with a busy mind and felt groggy and tired in the morning. After taking these, he not only falls asleep much faster but he is sleeping deeply, he feels so much better and generally has more energy.

28-02-2016 17:24:00
Glad I Found These.....
28-02-2016 17:24:00
Great product....switches off my mind and I easily drift off to sleep.

15-07-2015 22:23:15
Nature's Own Sleep-Ezy review
15-07-2015 22:23:15
This product is the best of many that I have taken for difficulty in getting to sleep. I gently drift off into a quiet, deep sleep which can last all night unless I need to get up part way through. If this happens, awakening is sufficient for me to safely negotiate my way round, and then drifting off again to sleep happens. Awakening is pleasantly gradual, allowing for stretching, communing with the cat and so on. The smell of the valerian, whilst a bit pungent, is fine. I do have to take four capsules, which is more than the recommended dose, but there seem to be no adverse effects. Insomnia has been a nuisance for many years, and it's so good to be rid of it. Quite the luxury. Muscles relax, which relieves the pain. Can't ask for more!

09-05-2015 11:20:54
A natural helper
09-05-2015 11:20:54
For all worry warts who wake up in the early hours doing unnecessary thinking about things they probably can't control anyway, Nature's Own Sleep-Ezy are a godsend. Wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

04-05-2015 13:01:40
04-05-2015 13:01:40
I have been taking Sleep Ezy for about 2 years now after having trouble getting off to sleep. It is gentle with not side effects therefore I wake up fresh in the morning. I highly recommend this product.

28-09-2014 05:06:39
It works!!!
28-09-2014 05:06:39
I use this product for when I really can't sleep. It takes around 30 mins for it to take effect but it does work. The only tiny bad thing would be the off putting smell, hence, the proof that the product is from natural material. Simply love it!
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