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Quick Cleanse Internal Cleansing Detox Program


Detox Kit (4 items)

RRP: NZ$117.99

Save 9% (NZ$10.09)


RRP: NZ$117.99

Save 9% (NZ$10.09)

Quick Cleanse Internal Cleansing Detox Program contains four scientifically developed formulas specifically designed to address your body’s major cleansing organs. These formulas contain 27 specially selected herbs and nutrients and 3 strains of Probiotics. The ingredients are not only powerful internal cleaners, but they may also support and strengthen your digestive system. Quick Cleanse Internal Detox Program may even help repair and protect your liver. It may also assist your liver’s ability to detoxify harmful substances from your system.

It is scientifically formulated for the symptomatic relief of:
  • Medically Diagnosed IBS
  • Constipation
  • Flatulence/Wind
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bad Breath
  • Detoxification for the Liver, Blood & Circulatory System 
  • Allergies
  • Poor Intestinal Immunity
  • Sluggish Liver
  • Indigestion and Heart Burn
  • Mild Digestive Disorders
  • Liver Repair and Rehabilitation

“It’s Never Been This Easy to Give Your Insides a DETOX!”

Quick Cleanse Internal Cleansing Detox Program contains 4 scientifically formulated herbal and nutritional products: Stomach Clear, Liver Clear Detox, Bowel Clear and Alive Probiotic. These contain 27 specially selected herbs and nutrients along with 3 strains of Probiotics which have been carefully blended and formulated to support your digestive organs.

Combined, these nutrients, herbs and Probiotics optimise the detoxification process during and after completing the Detox Program. Liver Clear Detox in particular is an extraordinary formula containing some of the most powerful liver herbs and nutrients blended within one herbal formula. Like all the product formulas within the Quick cleanse® Detox Program, many hundreds of hours of research have gone into developing Liver Clear Detox. The therapeutic benefits are supported by scientific and traditional evidence; liver repair, liver rehabilitation, improves liver function, blood and circulatory detoxification.
High Potency Probiotic Formula

We have included within the Detox program a high potency Probiotic formula called Alive. Alive contains 3 strains and 25 billion friendly bacteria within an enteric coated capsule for maximum effectiveness. Probiotics have also been clinically proven to support and relieve some digestive problems as well as playing an important role in improving overall health. Probiotics may also help boost poor intestinal immunity and help those suffering from allergies.
Significant Research Has Gone into Developing The Quick Cleanse® Detox Program!

Since the original Quick Cleanse® Detox Program was first launched in 1998, over one million Quick Cleanse® Kits have been sold in Australia. Many of the special cleansing herbs and fibres formulated in the Quick Cleanse® Detox Program are acclaimed in the writings of herbal researchers for their ability to help stimulate digestion, hence contributing to the purifying effects on the body. The special herbs within the Quick Cleanse® formulas are not only powerful internal cleansers, but also support and strengthen the digestive system. In a nutshell, Quick Cleanse® helps to detoxify your body, revitalise your digestive system and get it back on track.
A Quick Cleanse® Detox May Also Help You Lose Weight!

Quick Cleanse® is not intended to be a weight loss program; however, it is not unusual to lose some weight while on the program. We have found that people who are overweight may lose some weight during the program, while people who are already at a healthy weight for their body size will not find much of a fluctuation, if any at all. If you are overweight and adopt healthier eating patterns, exercise daily and take herbal supplements that speed up waste removal, this will naturally help you shed some excess weight.
Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

Caffeine is found in chocolate, tea, coffee and some soft drinks. Unfortunately caffeine places an extra load on your liver and adrenal glands. For this reason, foods and drinks that contain caffeine are not recommended during the Quick Cleanse® Detox Program. When you stop taking caffeine your body may experience one or more of the following withdrawal symptoms – headaches, migraine, nausea, vomiting, low energy, or a general feeling of being unwell. The amount of caffeine you consume may not be indicative of the withdrawal symptoms you experience, so it is strongly recommended you wean yourself off caffeine before commencing the Quick Cleanse® Detox program. This may take anywhere from a few days to a week. If you don’t, you may experience some of the unpleasant symptoms we have listed above.

Foods and Drinks You CAN Have While on the Quick Cleanse® Detox Program

All sprouted seeds, grains and legumes - Mung, Alfalfa, mixed salad etc. All dried legumes (best to soak overnight before cooking). All raw and steamed vegetables (including potatoes) - best to eat later in the day. All fresh fruits (avoid citrus fruit except for lemons). All raw nuts and seeds; almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are best. All whole grains, rolled oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, linseed meal, millet, etc. Wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, brown rice. Sun dried fruits - Apricots, figs, dates, peaches, sultanas etc. Tamari (reduced salt yeast free soy sauce alternative), tofu, tahini (unhulled is best) - use as spread in place of butter/margarine. Raw honey, rice bran syrup - use in place of sugar. Herbal seasoning or sea salt - use in place of table salt. Cold pressed virgin olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) - Mix together, use as salad dressing. All fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Herbal teas with filtered water (do not add milk or sugar). Filtered water (drink 8-10 glasses of unchilled water daily). Goats, soy, rice or almond milk. Plain soy, goats or sheep cheese and yogurt (with no salt or sugar).


Foods and Drinks You Should AVOID While on the Quick Cleanse® Detox Program

Sugar, table salt, animal meats; pork, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, all dairy products (including butter, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.), refined (white) flour products, white rice, white pasta, white bread, processed foods (including canned foods, packaged foods, frozen foods, chips etc, chocolate, donuts, cakes, biscuits, jams, fruit spreads, margarine and peanut butter). Polyunsaturated oils and spreads, including cold pressed oils except for the ones listed in the ‘foods and drinks you can have list’. Avoid all Caffeine drinks - coffee, tea, cola, etc. All alcoholic beverages - wines, beer and spirits etc. All drinks that contain added sugar - soft drinks, flavoured drinks, cordial drinks etc.


Before Breakfast - 1 x Stomach Clear+
After Breakfast - 1 x Bowel Clear
Before Dinner - 1 x Stomach Clear+
After Dinner - 1 x Liver Clear & 1 x Bowel Clear (Optional)
After completing the 15/7 Day Detox Program take two ALIVE capsules daily
The following are the most common symptoms you may experience during the Detox Program: Headaches, tiredness, muscle and joint pain, flu-like symptoms, stomach cramps or wind pain and loose bowel movements. These symptoms may be experienced over the first few days and are generally mild. Please note however, while the majority may not experience any of these, it is a good idea to be aware of them.
This product is shelf-stable - This product does not require refrigeration – read about our Heat Sensitive Product Policy here.


Cautions/Warnings and Contra-Indications

  • Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your Healthcare Professional
  • Caution: Take at least one hour away from all other medications
  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Not suitable for persons under 18 years.
  • Not to be used when abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present.
  • Avoid during Bowel or Intestinal Obstruction.
  • Whenever suffering from constipation, increase fibre in your diet and drink plenty of water. 

    The following are the most common symptoms you may experience during the Detox Program: Headaches, tiredness, muscle and joint pain, flu-like symptoms, stomach cramps or wind pain and loose bowel movements. These symptoms may be experienced over the first few days and are generally mild. Please note however, while the majority may not experience any of these, it is a good idea to be aware of them.

  • Quick Cleanse Stomach Clear +
    Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains:
    Zingiber officinalis rhizome (Ginger) 100mg
    Foeniculum vulgare fruit (Fennel) 100mg
    Gentiana lutea root (Gentian) 100mg
    Cynara scolymus leaf (Globe Artichoke) 100mg
    Uncaria tomentosa bark (Cat’s Claw) 100mg
    Juglans nigra fruit hull (Black Walnut) 100mg
    Mentha X piperita leaf (Peppermint) 50mg
    Carica papaya fruit powder (Paw Paw) 250mg
    Plantago afra seed husk powder (Psyllium) 100mg
    Clove powder (Equiv. Clove Oil 5ml) 50mg
    Citrus Bioflavonoids Extract 50mg
    Magnesium chloride (Equiv. Magnesium 1.2mg) 10mg
    Quick Cleanse Bowel Clear
    Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains:
    Rhamnus purshianus bark (Cascara) 500mg
    Salvia officinalis leaf (Sage) 500mg
    Calendula officinalis flower (Calendula) 500mg
    Juglans nigra fruit hull (Black Walnut) 
    Rheum palmatum root (Rhubarb) 200mg
    Artemisia annua herb (Wormwood) 100mg
    Inula britannica flower (Elecampane) 100mg
    Quick Cleanse Liver Clear Detox
    Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains:
    Silybum marianum fruit (St Mary’s Thistle) (15,000mg) 15g
    Taraxacum officinale root (Dandelion) 500mg
    Bupleurum falcatum root (Bupleurum) 250mg
    Schizandra chinensis fruit (Schizandra) 250mg
    Astragalus membranaceus root (Astragalus) 100mg
    Berberis vulgaris root (Barberry) 50mg
    Inositol 250mg
    Choline bitartrate 250mg
    Taurine 150mg
    Quick Cleanse ALIVE
    Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains:
    Lactobacillus acidophilus 7.5 Billion CFU
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus 8.75 Billion CFU
    Bifidobacterium longum 8.75 Billion CFU

    Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us! If we can help in any way please contact us using the details below.

    Email: [email protected]

    New Zealand Free Phone: 0800 148 148

    Other Countries Phone: +64 3 524 8414

    Live Chat: Between the hours of 9.30am – 10pm NZST

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    Great quick cleanse! Easy peasy!! Review by
    • star

    This 15 day detox was really good, comes with a great booklet of recipes and information. Easy to stick to this detox. I felt really good on this detox and especially good afterwards. It cleansed everything and gave me energy and health- I reccomend this product and will definitely be using it again. I lost about 3kgs too!

    fabulous Review by
    • star

    I highly recommend this product it works every time and is nice and gentle!

    We love this detox! it will be the ... Review by
    • star

    We love this detox! it will be the forth time we have done it now. really easy to follow instructions and a super healthy way to detox...be prepared with lots of the foods on the list and you can't go wrong. :)

    I used this detox after suffering f... Review by
    • star

    I used this detox after suffering for 3 years from the after effects of a white tail spider bite. I was miserable and had far too many days off work. Sticking to the programme was easy as I saw results immediately. 10 years on I am still healthy. This product removed the bacteria and toxins from my body and changed my life. I have done it since and am about to detox again just to keep myself feeling as good as I deserve to feel!

    4 Item(s)

    per page


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