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    After all the awesome reviews I hoped this would help getting rid of my chronic thrush; it didn’t. I amended my diet, I tried all sorts and unfortunately I can also add this to my list of not effective. I bought about 4 packages so I definitely persisted!



  • Good product


    I have using this product over 6 weeks or so now one capsule per day. I have noticed that it has helped with my dry skin on my heels together with a vitamin E cream. I only purchased this just to see how it would go. Before I used the cream, I noticed a difference in the reduction of the dryness in my skin, so it must have been the capsules. It takes a month before you notice anything. I am going to buy this product again. Would recommend.



  • Helps with people on Anti Candida diet


    I started taking this product to help get rid of the major Candida overgrowth in my gut.
    When I first took it I could only take one every second day as the die off symptoms were so strong, I'm now up to 3 a day and definitely on the journey to great health.
    I'm about to order my second bottle and will make this part of my long term health plan. It's powerful and effective.



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