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Product Reviews

  • Wow!


    Purchased as a last resort for chronic fissures. Had literally tried everything known to man (or so I thought!). This cream is incredible. So much so that after two days of use I was able to stop using pads that had been a daily necessity for over 3 years. At a guess, around 90% healing has occurred and I am optimistic that my skin may heal 100% with continued use of this cream. To be honest I am so happy with the result that I wouldn’t even mind if this was as good as it gets.
    Please don’t be deterred by the colour of the cream- as other reviews have stated, it does sting a little on raw skin, but not for long; the scent is fresh and it leaves you feeling clean. I can’t recommend this product highly enough! Please keep selling it!



  • It works


    As a sweet-blooded diabetic, insects like mozzies, sandflies, and other bloodsuckers home in on me whenever I am out in the garden or enjoying a get-together at a friend's place. I get very severe allergic reactions to such insect bites and have tried numerous concoctions to alleviate the pain and swelling. Spraying on this Weleda stings and bites relief really takes away the itching, irritation and swelling. I whole-heartedly recommend it.



  • Highly recommended!


    This cream has been a winner for me, I use it for contact dermatitis on my hand and it soaks in quickly, leaving a nice (faint) scent and is not greasy. It definitely works better than other creams I've been using (apicare hardworking hand cream, pawpaw etc). I bought the small tube first, but will be buying in bulk from now on.



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