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  • It really does work!!! AMAZING PRODUCT


    I have never had long nails, they have been brittle and weak my whole life. Since taking this product, I am on my third bottle, my nails are long and beautiful and do not chip or break at all! My skin is healther and plumper on my face. I have not yet noticed a difference with my hair but that's not to say its not growing faster, it is definitely healthier looking and not to brittle.
    I cant recommend this highly enough!



  • Clinicians Magnesium 625


    This has helped me immensely, what a great product definitely order some more when I run out, so thank you healthpost.

    Kimi Reweti


  • It cleared my blocked Eustachian tubes- thank you Clinicians!


    This is an amazing product, so I was surprised to see all the negative reviews. (but apparently only about being too sweet?).

    So don't let that put you off, this stuff is amazing.

    For years I have had trouble with blocked ears, which has caused much stress and turmoil with balance and dizziness etc
    I've tried nearly every remedy under the sun and this is the ONLY thing that cleared out the blockage. It's a absolute miracle. I've tried VitC by itself (didn't work) but I think the combination of the ascorbic acid & Vit C is key.

    I take this every day now (no nasal sprays, no allergy tablets!)

    I give it 5+ stars.

    ps: Yes it is sweet, but I have mine in a glass of sparking soda water, and it's actually quite nice that way.



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