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Product Reviews

  • Great product


    I have been on cholesterol medication for three years and have noticed my blood pressure rising and being more fatigued when training. (a known side effect of cholesterol medication). I wanted to avoid going on B.P. medication and researched alternatives. The drop in levels of Co enzyme Q10 as being a side effect of cholesterol medication was evident in the research. I decided to try the high dose 400mg of Co enzyme Q10. Over a 3 month period my BP dropped significantly back into the normal range. Energy levels returned to normal and I am able to train back at the levels that I did pre medication. Excellent product, fantastic price.

    Peter Nicholas


  • This is great!


    The BioBalance Liposomal CoQ10 liquid works for me, rather than the pills containing CoQ10. I have tried both and the liquid is the most effective at reducing severe muscle ache from taking statins. The taste is great and I take it directly - 1 teaspoon a day before breakfast. I also seem to have more energy. Have now been taking for 3 months and have had no side effects or issues, except when I changed over to the pills - the muscle aches came back slightly! I am 66 years old and would recommend this product if you suffer from statin induced muscle ache. It may also be good for general heart health as stated on the bottle, but I’m not sure how I would measure that?



  • Hard to tell


    Seems like an okay product. Hard to tell if it has any effect. I'm nearly though the bottle so maybe I will notice an effect if I stop taking it! I'm not so keen on the plastic bottle, hopefully they will find an alternative.



Wellness Blog

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