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    I started these on the 2nd of February. I have HUGE anxiety around taking medication (even natural).
    However, I was at my wits end with depression, anxiety and constant out of the blue (no trigger) panic attacks.
    After just 12 days I am already feeling the positive benefits of SJW. I can think more logically. The mind chatter is pretty much non-existent. I don't feel low, waking up questioning life and no more sleep panics.
    If you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety.. I say these are definitely worth a go.
    One minor negative was I had 4 - 5 days of insomnia.. really hard to get to sleep and waking up every 20 mins or so. Now I just have weird vivid dreams.



  • Very happy


    These tablets have literally changed my life - from having days that were very dark and gloomy to where I see things in a more balanced and healthy way. I have battled with depression for many years and I find these tablets put the light back into my day and I feel more relaxed and mentally stable. These tablets have worked for me with no side effects which can come with mainstream antidepressants. I have been very pleased with how these tablets have helped me. Can only recommend to others to give them a go.



  • Thompson St John Wart


    Whou have I notice the difference since I stopped taking this product thought I would just stop after taking it for a year and within a week I couldn’t understand why I was feeling lethargic and weepy then I remembered so I’m back on it today. So much pressure in life this sure does help can highly recommend when I am under lots of stress I take two a day then reduce thank you for the life saver.



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