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Vitamin B12 Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Vegan B12


    Great to have a vegan B-12 which is sublingual and has fast absorption. Cherry flavoured rather than the usual citrus is perfect for me as I have a citrus allergy.



  • The best available.


    After being diagnosed with low vitamin B12 levels, I decided rather than having injections to try Methylcobalamin. I read that although the injections give an immediate boost, once the level of vitamin B12 is normal, the sublingual Methylcobalamin keeps the level steady rather than dipping before another injection is required. It took around 2 weeks for my level to get to normal with this great product.



  • Quick acting and safe


    Being sublingual, these drops take effect pretty quickly after a few days of use (for me). Most importantly, they are methyl not cyno based, so you won't get any kind of poisoning (don't really understand why companies make b12 out of cyanide....). Highly recommended product.



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