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Herbal Tea

Put the kettle on, as there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a relaxing, hot cup of tea! Herbal teas are a super way to increase your daily fluid intake whilst enjoying the benefits of some great health supporting attributes. From easing an upset tummy to restoring a sense of calm, or perhaps aiding digestion, there is a variety of herbal teas (including an organic range) for you to choose from below. 

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Herbal Tea Benefits

Nature provides all we need to not only survive, but thrive; and in some herbs we find nature’s helping hand for reviving our wellbeing. For example, ginger or peppermint tea may help with digestive processes, while others like chamomile tea can be calming and may promote a restful sleep. Sipping a cup of echinacea tea sweetened with a teaspoon of manuka honey (if desired) could be of great benefit during change of season or winter ills and chills.

When you savour a hot herbal infusion, you’re not only brewing a herbal tea, but also combining aromatherapy at the same time! Check out our other healthy foods for you too.

Product Reviews

  • Amazing


    I love this tea. It pretty much made my skin glow a few days after drinking it, and I could definitely feel the effects of the detox as I got much more emotional when taking it while it cleansed my liver. I have to be careful not to drink it everyday or the detox effects are too strong but with a good balance it is an amazing tea for benefits. And tastes very nice too!



  • A little powdery but a great taste


    A little powdery but a great taste



  • A most useful herb tea for many things


    I always keep Chamomile tea on hand for its many uses.Morlife is a good brand and a decent size bag.I automatically go for Chamomile for sadness,sickness,shock and pain(and many other things)I don't even waste the leavings in my pot as I tip it onto a plant not doing well.It actually helps the plants get better too.'
    My most amazing use was when my wee dog was stung by a bee miles away from anywhere.I thought she would die with awful symptoms of anaphylactic shock.While using massage points on her pads and rescue breathing we popped drops of Chamomile tea and a local honey onto her tongue.Someone was watching over us as an hour later she weakly opened her eyes,her gums regained some colour and she snapped a little at a fly.I later remembered not only is it good for sickness but is an antihistamine too.



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