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Iodine Supplements

Iodine is a nutrient that is essential for our wellbeing, and which most people need to increase their intake of significantly. As consumption of iodised salt has gone out of vogue, our levels have dropped, and supplementation may be required for good health.

HealthPost carries a range of iodine supplements to help boost levels, both orally and transdermally.

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Iodine Info

Iodine is a largely misunderstood mineral that is critical to our wellbeing, and which the majority of the population are lacking in sufficient quantities to maintain good health. This is primarily due to a lack of iodine in soils leading to a deficiency of this vital nutrient in our foods, as well as not consuming those foods that are rich in it in the first place.

As iodine is required for the manufacture of thyroid hormone, iodine deficiency is a leading cause of hypothyroidism, which is in turn associated with myriad health complaints including weight gain, fatigues, dry skin, brain fog and other hormonal and metabolic issues. Iodine is also essential for the development of babies in the womb. Other halide group minerals that pollute our environment such as fluoride and chlorine displace iodine, with the best remedy for preventing their damage being adequate levels of iodine.

Product Reviews

  • Poor


    Find it to be a rather poor quality of iodine. Go Lugols instead



  • Wouldn't be without it


    I roll this effective product onto the sole of my foot each night until it is still visible 12 hours later. It has helped balance my thyroid (hyperthyroid), and has also helped my husband's PSA levels to return to normal within a couple of weeks. A simple essential product.



  • Unsure


    Trying this on advice of a wise natural therapist, despite blood results maintaining I'm NOT low in iodine! No contraindications. A very handy size and roll on application. Thnx



Wellness Blog

  • Iodine – A Heavyweight Health Champion Among Essential Minerals

    Most of us know iodine as the tablets we may have used to disinfect water on tramping trips or the infection-preventing tincture our parents might have applied to our cuts and scrapes and which made ...

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