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Heat Sensitive Product Policy

Our Position:

It's important to us that the products we supply you with are in optimal condition. We take every care to be aware of which products may be adversely affected by undue heat or light and to handle and store them accordingly. All products which, according to manufacturer's guidelines, are 'best kept refrigerated', are kept refrigerated on our premises prior to your order being packed and dispatched. We keep all of our stock out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat at all times.

Ordering Guidelines for Heat Sensitive Products:

NZ Customers:

Due to the large volume of orders we handle, we're not able to make exceptions to the processing of orders containing heat sensitive products and these will be dispatched on the first available courier as usual. Please take into consideration when ordering a heat sensitive product that we will dispatch any order placed with us as soon as we can. This means that if you order heat sensitive products on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, they'll typically be sent Friday and delivered the next working day, having spent the intervening period at a courier depot (products are never kept in courier vans). Whether this is likely to be detrimental to the potency of your products depends largely on the products in question, and seasonal and holiday variations. It's certainly not likely to be an issue for most products being held over a regular weekend in cool weather, but we'd recommend against ordering probiotics on Christmas Eve for instance.

We endeavour to use 'please keep cool' stickers on all parcels containing probiotics that are kept in the fridge, but can't guarantee this or that your local courier driver will make allowance for it. Accordingly, if there's a cool spot in particular where you'd like your parcel left, please use the 'Delivery Instructions' field at checkout to communicate this to us and we'll note it on your parcel.

Australian and International Customers:

All orders are sent unrefrigerated. Please ensure that any products which you order are stable at room temperature. We take no responsibility for the ordering of any products which are not stable at room temperature and cannot accept the return of these items from international orders. We have a great selection of quality heat tolerant probiotic supplements including Lifestream Advanced Probiotic, Nutra-Life Probiotica P3, Nutra-Life Probiotica P3 for Kids, and Clinicians MultiFlora Digest.

Manufacturer's Guidelines for Specific Heat-Sensitive Products:

Nature's Way Primadophilus Probiotic Range:

  • Cultures are tested throughout manufacture to ensure potency and is kept refrigerated throughout manufacture.
  • A certain overage* is required to ensure potency as well.

*Overage is an amount of bacteria over what is stated, to ensure that even with some die off, the potency is maintained. Overage allows for circumstances such as shipping and products being left out of the fridge.

The manufacturer strongly recommends the product is kept refrigerated at all times, however, without being able to be exact, they say: "We have found that short-term excursions (1-2 weeks) at elevated temperatures of @104F (40C) will have little affect on the activity of the products."

At room temperature, products are expected to lose 60-80% potency after six months, and to lose 100% potency after 12 months.


Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Probiotic Range:

Product stability:

Changes in the stability occurred following temperature exposure above 4 degrees Celsius resulting in the loss of potency after a period of time as follows.

Temperature: Time:
40 degrees Celsius 48 hours
30 degrees Celsius 14 days
25 degrees Celsius 4 months
4 degrees Celsius 2 years

Clinicians MultiFlora Digest and Clinicians Flora Restore Probiotics:

Clinicians Multiflora and Clinicians Flora Restore are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. The best temperature to store them at is 25C or less. There is "overage" in the capsules to allow for loss of some CFUs [colony forming units] if the product is exposed to heat and moisture. Heat by itself isn't a major problem. These products are encapsulated and packaged in a way that they remain stable without refrigeration.


Radiance Probiotic Range:

The Radiance Pro-B range of probiotics are all shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. All products are guaranteed to provide the labelled concentration of probiotics up to the date of expiry. This is achieved by adding in an overage of probiotics to allow for some loss of CFU during the lifetime of the product and also by using a patented process to allow maximum product stability both in and out of refrigeration.


Nutra-Life Probiotica P3 and Nutra-Life Probiotica P3 for Kids:

Do not require refrigeration – independent laboratory testing guarantees stability at room temperature for 3 years.

Question: Why doesn't Nutra-Life Probiotica P3 need refrigerating?

Answer: Nutra-Life Probiotica P3 is guaranteed to be stable for 3 years at room temperature and throughout the normal use of the product. This is because Nutra-Life Probiotica P3 friendly bacteria have undergone a special proprietary process and extensive testing to ensure they are stable out of the refrigerator, enabling them to confer their unique digestive and immune health benefits.


Lifestream Advanced Probiotic:

Probiotics need to have live beneficial bacteria present in large numbers to be able to exert a beneficial effect - our product shows stability throughout the shelf life of the product. Lifestream Advanced Probiotics are micro-encapsulated to ensure survivability through the low pH of the stomach. Ideally, Probiotics should be kept at room temperature (under 25C), out of direct sunlight, and do not need to be refrigerated. A freeze-drying process during the fermentation of the probiotic bacteria affords these convenient storage conditions.

As long as Lifestream Advanced Probiotics are not left in direct sunlight (which will eventually kill everything!) then the live count is guaranteed until expiry.


Nature's Sunshine Bifidophilus Flora Force Probiotic:

Question: What is the efficacy of Nature's Sunshine Bifidophilus Flora Force probiotic following transit times when the product is out of the refrigerator?

Answer: Nature's Sunshine Products USA, when manufacturing Bifidophilus Flora Force build in an overage that allows for any degradation during transportation. In the USA, product deliveries can be out of the refrigerator for up to 5 - 7 days and sometimes longer, if people are not home. The Nature's Sunshine Products stability data shows the count can drop at 3 months at room temperature, but the count is still in the millions. This count of millions is very effective.

Question: Some probiotics need to be stored at between 2-8 degrees Celsius whereas others can be stored at room temperature less than 25 degrees Celsius. What is the optimum temperature for Nature's Sunshine Bifidophilus Flora Force?

Answer: We always state for the product to be kept refrigerated or frozen. Our data shows that refrigeration of the product is beneficial to retain product stability and efficacy.

Question: There have been situations where parcels have been exposed to the sun for longer periods than would be ideal and customers are concerned that the product has lost potency. Would this type of sun exposure damage the efficacy of the product?

Answer: Counts will decrease with high temperature and humidity, however counts still remain in the millions.

Waihi Bush Flax Seed Oil Range:

Accelerated shelf life studies carried out by Crop and Food Research Ltd, Lincoln, Christchurch for Functional Whole Foods New Zealand Ltd have confirmed the stability of ALA in flaxseed oil blends for over 13 months at ambient temperatures, thus the manufacturer recommends that Waihi Bush Flax Seed Oil products be stored below 25 degrees Celsius to maintain the quality of the oil.

Freezing or storing in the fridge prolongs the freshness of both flax seed fibre and oil blends.


More Information:

Is there a particular heat sensitive product not listed above you'd like to know more about?

Please let us know the details and we'll find out for you.

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