Shelf-Stable Probiotic

Does not require refrigeration; will remain stable and retain potency until expiry if stored as directed.

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Probiotics are growing in popularity. Thanks to increasing variety and improvements in technology, many probiotic products are able to be shelf stable, and still offer significant support to the body. Probiotics that are shelf-stable have been produced for the convenience of consumers.

While being made, manufacturers have to make sure that the bacterial strains have been bred in a way that helps support their ability to survive harsh conditions. Common methods for stabilising probiotics are either to microencapsulate, which gives the bacteria a thin coating, acting like a protective layer, or to freeze-dry which preserves the bacteria intact.

There is a lot of research going on in the area of probiotics. It’s been discovered that even if the bacteria aren’t alive, they still seem to offer a beneficial biological response within the immune system of the bowel, including healthy inflammatory responses.

As per our Heat sensitive guidelines, it's important to us that the products you receive are in optimal condition. We take every care to be aware of which products may be adversely affected by undue heat or light and to handle and store them accordingly. All products which according to manufacturer's guidelines are 'best kept refrigerated', are kept refrigerated on our premises prior to your order being packed and dispatched. We always keep all our stock out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources. In fact, our warehouse has been purpose built to help manage temperature. Shelf-stable probiotics are kept below 25 degrees Celsius and in dry conditions.