Child Friendly

Can be consumed or used by children (aged 2-11).

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Products that are child friendly are suitable for children from the age of 2 through to 11 years old. Children have different nutritional needs to those of adults and certain products suitable for adults may be too harsh for sensitive young bodies.

Many child friendly supplements come in chewable form for ease of use, these are often sweetened either with plant based sweeteners or fruit concentrates. For those wanting to avoided sweeteners there are some products that are perhaps more suited to adults but can also be taken by children providing they are administered safely and easily. For example, capsules can be opened and sprinkled on to food or mixed into drinks.

Liquids are a very bio-available way to benefit from active ingredients. Liquids are often better absorbed into the blood stream and can be an easy way to administer herbal medicine particularly when in a sweet liquid base. Homeopathic preparations come in either small tablets or liquids. The liquid formulations contain alcohol as a base so this may need to be taken into consideration particularly for young children.

When it comes to skin care for children, often child friendly products have less fragrance and are gentler to protect young sensitive skin. Remember that our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs up to 60% of what we apply topically.