Minerals are a group of micronutrients that are essential for life. Encompassing dozens of trace nutrients alongside the more well-known minerals, they are critical for almost every process in the human body.

Choose from a wide range of mineral supplements, from multi-minerals to individual supplements in numerous forms.

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Whilst minerals are absolutely essential to the function of the human body, many of us are severely lacking in a number of them. Selenium, iodine and zinc deficiencies are particularly rife in New Zealand, as our soils are naturally low in these nutrients and monoculture-style farming progressively strips land of these and other essential minerals. This means the food we eat is much lower in minerals than it should be, and we in turn may end up with deficiencies, even if we eat a diet rich in organic whole foods.

Minerals Range

Our range of minerals covers not only the major minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine and zinc, but a number of multi-mineral products including numerous trace minerals, in various formats and a variety of forms – from capsules and liquids to topical sprays and gels, there is something to suit every person and every need.

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