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Colloidal Silver Aloe Vera Gel

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Skybright Colloidal Silver Aloe Vera Gel is regenerative, soothing, cooling and calming for the skin and has been formulated to assist the natural healing of minor burns, sunburn, cuts, abrasions and insect bites. 
The antibacterial properties of Colloidal Silver help fight skin infections and support the body’s natural healing response.
Apply: To affected area as required.


Ionic Colloidal Silver
Aloe Vera 
extract (aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid)
Carbomer powder
Sodium Hydrate

  • Can be applied topically to rosacea, acne, burns, infections, insect bites & sores
  • Apply to dry or chafed skin and to assist the body’s natural healing ability
  • May also be used to moisturise & condition the skin
  • Apply as often as required


5 out of 5
(Out of 25 Total Reviews)
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02-04-2020 11:50:19
Great for my Dog
02-04-2020 11:50:19
My dog developed quite an extensive \"Hot Spot\" and was constantly licking, and the animal communicator I consulted suggested Colloidal silver...this with the aloe vera seemed just what was needed. I felt confident to use it as someone else mentioned it was good for pets. What a great product, the licking decreased in a very short space of time and then stopped altogether......happy dog, happy owner !

03-02-2019 16:04:51
Good value
03-02-2019 16:04:51
Great topical gel, relieves discomfort

14-11-2018 19:56:05
Colloidal silver and Aloe vera Gel
14-11-2018 19:56:05
I had had a groin rash that had bothered me for a couple of years and had prevented me from having a hip replacement. My Doctor had given me 3 separate courses of different antibiotics and also prescribed an anti-fungal and anti inflammatory cream all to no effect. Needless to say I was extremely depressed about being continually turned down for my operation. I was chatting on the phone to an old friend who said he had a similar experience with a rash that would not go away and had heard on a radio show with Ewen Stevens about Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera so I googled it and found it on Health post. It arrived next day and in 5 days the rash wsa completely gone and they replaced my hip 3 days later.

10-10-2018 23:11:23
Great Stuff
10-10-2018 23:11:23
I put this on after Red Vein treatment, brilliant - soothes & reduces redness, inflamation immediately. Skin also recovered and healed twice as quickly as time I did not use this. I was told to expect some weeping and scabbing , that only happended the first time I had procedure done - before I bought this product. I would definately recommend.

01-10-2018 18:49:45
simply outstanding response
01-10-2018 18:49:45
Recently I had a large unsightly scab following a chemical application on my nose. The resulting scab was huge and unsightly. The antibiotic ointment had little effect. I called HP who immediately dispatched a jar of this product. What a relief! Within two days of regular applications, the scab had reduced in size by 50% and continues to reduce. This is truly a magic potion!

28-05-2017 21:10:16
Relief every time
28-05-2017 21:10:16
I have a skin complaint that is so itchy at night you cannot help but scratch. This not only soothes but reduces itching and helps heal any scratches.

14-03-2017 21:07:44
A Must Have
14-03-2017 21:07:44
I have used Colloidal Silver liquid for quite some years and have great faith in its healing powers, however I always have a pot of Colloidal Silver Gel on hand as well as it is quick and easy to apply to all manner of skin ailments and works well under a band aid if an area needs covering. Works well on pets skin as well!

29-04-2016 03:35:35
Like magic
29-04-2016 03:35:35
My son has had irritation on half of his face & scalp for many, many years, following a massive dose of shingles. Pain, itching, creepy-crawly sensations etc. I suggested he try this colloidal silver with aloe vera (as nothing has ever helped). He was stunned. He could not believe it. Had barely finished applying the gel & all the irritation disappeared. He didn't have to reapply for a week. And none needed since! I use this gel for mosquito bites which itch unbearably. It keeps me sane!

14-03-2016 17:47:37
Great product for first aid cupboard!
14-03-2016 17:47:37
I highly recommend this product for any minor cuts or scrapes to help with the healing. It feels soothing to put on too.
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