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Free from animal or animal by-products including flesh, bones, organs, dairy, eggs, bee products, fur, leather, wool, feathers or shellfish.

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Veganism is a way of life that excludes the use of animals or animal products for food, clothing or any other purpose. Animal products or by-products include flesh, bones, organ, dairy, eggs, bee products, fur, leather, wool, feathers, shellfish and silk. Health Supplements and skin care can potentially contain animal products.

As far as supplements are involved, many capsules are made from gelatin, a product that is manufactured from animal sourced collagen. ‘Vegecaps’ made from cellulose derived from plants are a vegan alternative to gelatin capsules.

Many skincare products contain animal-based additives such as lanolin and stearic acid. There are increasing numbers of vegan skincare product options available that are plant based.

Veganism is said to reduce the impact on the environment caused by processes involved in the production of animal products. A vegan lifestyle uses less resources and so does not have the same negative impact on the environment.

Certified vegan products wear the Certified Vegan logo and can be trusted to have been verified to be free from animal products, animal testing, and no known animal derived GMO’s. This includes assurance that there is no cross contamination from products that may have been processed using the same equipment as non-vegan products.

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