Carbon Neutral

Produced in a way that any environmental impact from manufacturing or packaging has been offset.

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To become carbon neutral a product must be produced in a way that the environmental impact from the manufacturing process or packaging has been offset. To offset this carbon footprint (environmental impact) means to give back to the environment.

Travel (either flying or driving), farming, generation of electricity and heat, and industrial businesses have the largest carbon footprint.

Investing in environmental projects that are focused on reducing future emissions can include projects such as clean drinking water programs in less affluent countries, tree planting programs, solar power and wind-based power projects.

On an individual basis, personally reducing your carbon footprint is a great place to start. Walking or biking instead of driving is a great way to give back to the environment, or this can be as simple as planting trees in your own garden.

HealthPost however has taken this tree planting to a much higher level and has invested in 25 hectares of land in the beautiful home of HealthPost, Golden Bay. This has been named the HealthPost Carbon Forest.

At HealthPost we are committed to accurately measuring our carbon footprint, reducing and off-setting the carbon emissions produced by our parcel deliveries and daily operations, and minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible.

We love supporting suppliers who have the same commitment, and so created this Product Specialty so you can search for like-minded suppliers.