Travel & Jet Lag Support

Our internal body clock is disrupted through crossing time zones in long-haul travel, often turning our day into night and vice versa. It’s therefore common to feel tired for the first few days of our holiday and on our return as our body clock adjusts. With travel, we can also become susceptible to ills and chills because of sharing the same small air-conditioned space with hundreds of other people.

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Most people love travelling overseas and exploring the world, however it often involves crossing multiple time zones and with that, the onset of tiredness when we reach our destination. Even a few hours’ disruption to our body clock can have an impact on our sleeping patterns. This can lead to periods of being wide awake when you want to sleep and feeling super tired when it’s time to start the day!

Fortunately, there are numerous herbs such as Passionflower, Echinacea and Ginger, amino acids such as 5-HTP, and minerals and vitamins such as magnesium and potassium, Vitamin C and B to support us. Our wide range of travel support supplements may assist with the natural rhythm of our sleeping patterns as well as support our immune system too.

Let’s not forget that while travelling, we are exposed to many different eating environments, like restaurants, hotels, cafés and transportation food. This can sometimes lead to an upset tummy. Fortunately, there are many options such as pro-biotics, digestive enzymes and herbs such as Chamomile and Peppermint that can aid with the healthy function of the digestive tract.

We carry a range of products that can assist you and your family, to ensure a happy and healthy holiday for all.

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