Adrenal Health & Stress Support

The adrenal glands are two very small little glands sitting on top of the kidneys. But don’t be fooled by their small appearance – they produce over 50 hormones, some of them life sustaining, including stress hormones. Exposure to long-term stress is one of the factors that can disrupt adrenal function, so supporting the body in times of stress is crucial, not only for adrenal health but for many other aspects of wellbeing too.

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The adrenals are part of a glandular system that communicates with each other via feedback mechanisms. This network is involved in regulating essential body functions including body temperature, blood pressure, sleep and digestion, fertility or body responses to infections and inflammation. Important for females is that, in menopause, the adrenals take over to be the main source for production of sex hormones, important for female wellbeing, healthy bone tissue and libido.

One of the main roles of adrenal glands is to support the body to cope with stress. Stress in the short term is healthy for us and part of everyday life, however long-term stress can be challenging for adrenal health and wellbeing. As the adrenals struggle to keep up with the demand of producing the hormones needed to respond to stress, declining levels of these can result in a variety of body complaints such as severe fatigue, poor sleep, recurrent infections, blood sugar imbalances and a very limited ability to deal with even the smallest amount of stress.

We can prevent this and be proactive by looking after our adrenals through balancing stress with regular exercise, eating a nutrient-dense and balanced diet, staying connected to self, nature and people and by getting support through relevant supplements. Some of the nutrients associated with healthy adrenal function are vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium and herbs like Withania and Rhodiola or Siberian Ginseng.

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