Looking for a 100% natural hair dye to add vibrant colour plus nourish your hair at the same time? Henna hair colour is made from the finely powdered leaf of the Lawsonia inermis shrub - so it’s wholly plant-derived.  With no toxic chemicals, it’s simultaneously gentle on your scalp and gentle on the environment after it washes down the drain.

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Henna comes in a great variety of fantastic shades, from deep black to light copper.  Its use as a natural colouring agent for hair dye and body art goes back centuries.  Mixed with water to form a paste, it is then left to soak in, gentle heat can also help the process.

Henna is a great alternative to conventional hair colour because it’s made from 100% plant material.  It has no nasties, so no worries about harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, metallic salts or PPD (paraphenylenediamine).  Henna acts in a much gentler way by coating the surface of the hair fibre and sinking in, producing a layer of colour and lustrous volume.  Conventional hair colour works by lifting hair cuticles to allow the colour to get in, which can damage the hair shaft.

The beauty of Henna hair dye is its double action, it works as conditioner at the same time.  It provides a protective coat, so the hair cuticles are smoothed by the sealing action.  Our natural hair colours and hair styling products have no nasty chemicals, so they’re better for your body and better for the planet.


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