Lung Support

Our lungs allow us to breathe, transferring vital oxygen into our blood stream and expelling out carbon dioxide. It’s not something we often think about, until our lungs are not operating to their full potential. Thankfully, there are many ways that we can naturally support the health of our chest and lungs.

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Our lungs are part of our lower respiratory system. Their function allows us to breathe in and out, supplying our blood with vital oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. Without enough oxygen, we are prone to health problems, so it’s important to take care of our lungs to keep them healthy and functioning to their full potential.

Our lungs can be affected by several factors, including ills and chills, pollution and smoking. Increasing exposure to fresh, clean air, practicing daily breathing exercises, regular exercise, plenty of water and a nutritious wholefood diet are all essential ways to support lung function.

Herbs are one amazing way to help support our lungs, especially when affected by ills and chills. Some herbal support includes:

  • Marshmallow root – a popular herb for the lungs that help support their natural function and encourage healthy inflammatory pathways.
  • Kumerahou – a native New Zealand herb, aids the healthy cleansing of the lungs helping to support the natural process of clearing and relaxation of airways
  • Thyme – a popular herb used to support the respiratory tract, helping to support clear airways and mucous.
  • White Horehound – supports relaxation of airways
  • Elecampane – supports the thinning of mucus and calms an irritated throat

Whether it be in a liquid herbal extract, a lozenge, a soothing balm, tonic, or capsule, there are many herbal products that can support the natural healing of the lower respiratory system, to encourage rapid recovery and support the immune system too.

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