Nut Free

Finished product has been tested and shown to be free from all traces of nuts including peanuts.

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Nut allergies have become far more common in recent years and can induce reactions that range from mild to severe. Schools and childcare facilities are increasingly becoming nut free zones.

Nuts are classified as tree nuts or peanuts (which believe it or not are actually legumes). Tree nuts include almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, walnuts and cashews.

Nut free refers to products that contain no peanuts, tree nuts or traces of nuts from being processed in a facility that does not processes nuts of any kind.

Traces of nuts can be found in food as a result of processing/manufacturing when nuts are processed in the same factory as nut free foods. Traces can be transferred from products through exposure to processing equipment or may have unintentionally been contaminated by factory workers using the same gloves for handling different foods.

Nuts can be found in places where you wouldn’t expect such as chocolate, curries, cereals, peanut oil used for cooking, ice cream and even cosmetics.