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Our carefully curated body care range contains premium quality natural products that are free from nasty ingredients, so you can slather them on your skin with the confidence that comes from knowing they are better for you and the planet. .

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Natural Health and Supplements

Our skin is our biggest organ and needs a lot of tender loving care, so it’s important to nourish it with high quality and professionally formulated products that have active ingredients, designed to work. The skin on our face has different needs to the rest of our body, so using skin care specifically designed for the needs of each part of your body is essential.

From normal, to dry and sensitive skin, we have products to suit all skin types. Plus, with hypoallergenic, certified natural, organic, and better packaging options, we’re sure to have something for all ethical angles too.

Our comprehensive natural body care product range has been tried, tested and finally selected by natural health experts and includes shampoo bars, skin care, body wash, sunscreen, body lotion, deodorants, massage balms and oils and dental care.

What’s more, our Better Choices Promise means there’s no greenwashing in sight. We are proud to only stock some of the absolute best body care products that let you care for your skin while being considerate of the environment.  At HealthPost, high quality, no harmful chemicals and low environmental impact are crucial factors in making better choices, and you can rest assured that our body care range ticks all these boxes. 

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