Natural Beauty Products For Face, Hair & Body

Clean beauty and body products that are better for both your body, and the planet. You can be confident that there are no harmful chemicals, no environmental toxins, no greenwashing, and absolutely no animal testing in any of our carefully selected products. Just natural beauty brands you can trust.

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Natural Beauty and Body

Are you looking to minimise the number of chemicals in your life? With more people aware of harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, there’s an increasing demand from health-conscious consumers for clean, natural, and organic beauty products. Harsh chemicals often used in beauty care products may disrupt your hormone balance and can cause discomfort to sensitive skin.

Natural skincare for your face and body

Our Natural Skin Care and Body Care ranges, use ingredients from nature, such as essential oils, herbs, flowers and other plant or animal-derived ingredients to gently nourish, protect, and repair skin. With our Natural Men’s Skincare & Hair Care range, everyone can find a product that suits them best.

What about a healthy smile? Try a natural toothpaste in our Oral Care range. We have also made natural Sun Care an easy choice for you and your family.

Our Specialty Beauty Items include aloe vera gel for after sun support, rosehip oil for youthful skin, and magnesium oils and creams.

It’s not only about being kinder to your body. It’s about being kinder to our environment too.

Natural Shampoos, Conditioners, and Natural Hair Dye

Not only does our range of Hair Care and Colouring products contain natural and non-toxic ingredients, but they also contain sustainable products such as the innovative waterless shampoo bars.

Natural Makeup

Detox your makeup bag with our selection of cruelty free Natural Makeup brands. From foundations, to mascara, nail polish, and makeup brushes, we have you covered.

Intimate Care & Personal Care

See our Intimate Care range for reusable menstrual products, disposable pads and tampons made from natural fibres, and for other products that support vaginal and sexual health.

The Personal Care range is where you will find reusable razors, shaving cream, sustainable wipes, natural insect repellents, protective face masks, and much more.

You won’t find any harmful chemicals in any HealthPost clean beauty and body products. No harmful chemicals, no environmental pollutants, and absolutely no animal testing either. Buy with confidence, knowing that all products we stock have been carefully curated for a better you and a better planet too

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