New Zealand Made

Made in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand ingredients.

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Products that are considered New Zealand Made are 100% New Zealand, from ingredient source and production right through to supply.

This is different from a product that is manufactured in NZ from imported ingredients. These products may be made in New Zealand but the ingredients could potentially be from overseas sources.

Consumers often consider country of origin when making a decision on purchasing. There is a preconception that products made in certain countries are superior to those made in others.

New Zealand is known for quality products, fair and safe working conditions and a clean green environment. These are all things that are often considered when consumers buy products. There is an increasing demand for sustainable produced products with as little environmental impact as possible. For New Zealanders buying local New Zealand products, enables a reduced environmental impact to be achieved and as a result also lowers a consumer’s individual carbon footprint.

Manuka honey is a prime example of consumers considering the country of origin of a product. Pure, unique New Zealand Manuka honey is held in incredibly high regard worldwide.