Baby Friendly

Can be consumed by or used on babies (aged under 2).

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Baby Friendly refers to products that are able to be consumed or used by our littlest customers – those aged 2 and under. It doesn’t really need to be said that babies under the age of 2 have special requirements when it comes to food, skincare and supplements. Their sensitive little bodies require extra nurturing and care.

In regard to skin care products, natural products that contain gentle cleansers, plant based oils, and ingredients that protect and care for baby’s skin in the gentlest way are essential to avoid stripping the delicate skin of its naturally occurring balance of oils. For those with extra sensitive dry and itchy skin fragrance free products may be preferred.

Protection of the skin with ingredients such as plant oils and beeswax that will provide a natural barrier for the skin may be beneficial for baby’s delicate and sensitive bottoms.

Liquids and powders are often the preferred way of ingestion however capsules can be opened and the contents sprinkled onto food or into drinks. For older babies who are eating, chewable gummies or tablets may be preferred.

Products that are alcohol free are often preferred for babies. Glycerin extraction (liquid herbs) and water extraction (herbal teas) are two methods used for administering herbs that are alcohol free and suitable for babies.

The method of taking supplements is important when considering the suitability for a baby. Be aware of still reading the label dosing guidelines.