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Loving the unique skin you have is a great start to a healthy glow, but your skin may need some extra loving care. A natural skin care routine is a great habit to look after yourself. With a daily moisturiser suited to your skin type, you can rehydrate and soften, so your skin will be looking its natural best.

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As we are becoming more aware of what food we put in our bodies, it’s a natural progression to think about what we put on our bodies. Our skin absorbs substances that come in contact with it (just think about how nicotine patches work) and it makes sense to use a moisturiser free of synthetic materials.

With the majority of skincare products on the market today containing numerous questionable chemicals, and the skin being able to absorb some of these transdermally, more consumers are turning to safe, yet effective, alternatives to conventional chemical-laden products.

Protecting your skin’s natural beauty from the harsh sun by using an SPF moisturiser may help combat free radical damage. HealthPost’s range covers all skin types from oily to dry, anti-aging products, night creams and those rich in specialty ingredients such as nutrient-rich plant oils, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. A tinted moisturiser is a great option for those days when you need lightweight coverage.

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