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Convenient, eco-friendly and user-friendly too, we’re proud to offer a range of personal care items with minimal environmental impact. From plastic free razors, plasters and cotton buds, to 100% natural insect repellants and lubricants – we’ve got your natural personal care needs covered.

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Our Better Choices Promise means we’re committed to offering environmentally responsible choices. So, when you shop our personal care range, you’re making a better choice for your family and the planet.

Whether we inhale it, stick it on, apply it on our skin, hair or our most intimate areas, the products that we use have a big impact on our health. Our natural personal care items are free from harmful chemicals, so you can feel confident no nasties are being absorbed through your or your children’s skin.

Made with sustainable materials and natural ingredients, our personal care range includes:

  • Eco-friendly body hygiene including natural ear wax removal and eco wipes
  • Pure and luxurious lubricants with gentle botanicals
  • Natural insect repellents containing aromatic essential oils
  • All natural, antibacterial first-aid creams with powerful herbal extracts
  • Natural, plastic free plasters – gentle on skin and the planet
  • Plastic free shavers for an environmentally responsible choice
  • Natural, eco-friendly protective face masks

By choosing natural personal care options you take control of what you put on your skin and look after the environment too.

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