Digestive Immune Support

Looking to protect your digestive system from bugs? Our 100% natural supplements support the body’s healthy immune response and resistance to gastro bugs, parasites, tummy bugs and traveller’s diarrhoea. Our team of experts have chosen the best digestive immune support products to protect the whole family.

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Immune cells protect our digestive system from harmful bugs, also known as pathogens. Pathogens can target our digestive system and cause bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

Probiotics or beneficial bacterial colonize our bowel and keep it healthy. Certain species of probiotics have been shown to have a protective effect to support healthy bowel immunity including:

  • Lactobacillus reuteri
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Lactobacillus plantarum

Goldenseal, Olive Leaf and Calendula herbs support healthy gut immunity to maintain healthy protection against pathogens.

Marshmallow, Slippery Elm and Aloe vera help keep the gut lining strong and healthy for a soothed and comfortable bowel.

Artemisia, Walnut Hull and Cloves support our gut immune system, allowing the body to naturally combat infestations from parasites and worms. These herbs are found in parasite cleanse formulations.

Digestive enzyme supplements can also be useful to help maintain healthy levels of digestive juices, which in turn help protect the digestive system from bugs.

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