Artificial Flavour Free

Free from any synthetic flavours that do not occur in nature and have been developed scientifically.

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Products that are free from Artificial Flavours are flavoured with natural food-based ingredients. Often flavours are added to products to enhance the flavour when products are processed, or the flavour needs improvement. These products are free from chemical flavours that do not occur in nature but have been developed scientifically and manufactured in a laboratory or factory.

Artificial flavours are created from synthetic ingredients to imitate the taste of real food flavours. They can be found in all kinds of processed foods, drinks, and supplements, even herbal teas can contain them. Natural flavours must be derived from natural sources including herbs, spices, but are created in a lab.

Foods that are flavoured with naturally derived ingredients may be processed to extract the necessary compounds. Is this a detriment to the natural compounds themselves? This may not be such a bad thing, but it is important to understand what you are reading on the labels of your food and supplements.

When it comes to supplements, often the flavours that are added are derived from fruit. Berry flavours are common when it comes to flavouring children’s vitamins and there are increasingly more products for adults that contain flavours to appeal to a wider range of consumers.