Organic Ingredients

Contains some organic ingredients.

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Products that contain some organic ingredients can be certified by a reputable certification body to contain either 95%+ or 70%+ organic ingredients. Products that contain less than 70% organic ingredients are not able to be certified as doing so.

Unfortunately in an unregulated market saying that something is organic doesn’t mean that it has to be. This is detrimental for those products that are in fact organic but do not have certification.

Organic products are often more appealing because of how they are produced, right from how they are grown through to the processing and packaging. Organic production looks after the environment, livestock and those working to grow and harvest goods.

Organic products are free from any synthetic additives, they are grown under conditions that avoid the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators, GMO’s, and feed additives. It is not only about what is or is not sprayed onto our food but is a style of farming where the health of the soil in which the products are grown in and the environment in which they are grown in is just as important as the nutritional value of the end product.