Bowel Motion Support

What goes in, must come out. But if that’s not always easy, you may need a little natural assistance. The bowel is the body’s waste disposal system and regular bowel motions are important for healthy detoxification as well as hydration, since the bowel absorbs water. From herbs and fibre to probiotics and minerals, our natural bowel support supplements are carefully selected by our team of experts to help encourage healthy, regular bowel motions.

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Passing a bowel movement easily and comfortably is a sign of good bowel health. But if your trips to the toilet are infrequent, uncomfortable or strained, you might need a little help moving things along.

Laxative herbal extracts and preparations including Cascara, Senna and Yellow dock support healthy evacuation. Magnesium based laxatives support regular bowel movements. We also have digestive immune support products on offer to support the body’s natural response to bowel parasites. 

Probiotic formulas can be very useful as they support healthy gut flora as well as bowel regularity. Marshmallow, Ginger and Licorice are soothing and calming for a healthy bowel lining.

Fibre is important for healthy detoxification as it soaks up toxins so they can be removed from body. Eating a high-fibre diet loaded with fruits, legumes, and vegetables and drinking at least eight glasses of water a day help to keep stool soft and your bowel in good health. Additional fibre-based bowel health supplements like Psyllium husk and Flaxseed help to keep the bowel contents moving and support healthy evacuation.

With our Better Choices Promise you can feel confident knowing there are no red list ingredients, no harmful chemicals and no environmental pollutants in our natural bowel motion support products. And if you have any concerns about your bowel movements such as changes in the appearance and texture of your stool, please see a doctor.


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