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Bowel Health

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Phloe Bowel Health are a 100% natural digestive aid that is clinically shown to keep you regular, while supporting long term digestive health. More than simply fibre, Phloe Bowel Health are the first product to use a unique triple action that combines prebiotics, enzymes and fibre, all found naturally in kiwifruit, to help manage your digestive health in both the short and long term.

Key Benefits of Phloe Bowel Health:

  • Clinically shown to keep you regular while supporting long term digestive health
  • For short and long term bowel health
  • Triple action complex -Prebiotics, enzymes and fibre
  • 100% natural active ingredient Zyactinase (from kiwifruit)
  • Assists the body to absorb the optimal level of nutrients from food

How does Phloe Bowel Health Work?

Phloe Bowel Health's unique Triple Action Complex supports a series of events which work in unison to promote short term regularity and the right balance of gut micro flora so that in the long run your digestive system works the way it is supposed to.

  1. Enzymes: The enzymes in Phloe Bowel Health vegecaps work in two ways. Firstly, the enzymes stimulate motility (or movement) of waste gently through your digestive tract. This is a very gentle action, and unlike some other products on the market, has no nasty side effects (like cramping, spasms and diarrhoea). Secondly, the enzymes in Phloe Bowel Health vegecaps are very similar to those produced by your own digestive system helping you digest food so that waste moves more freely through the digestive tract. This enzyme digestion also aids with absorbing the optimum level of nutrients into your system from the food you eat.
  2. Fibre: the fibre in Phloe Bowel Health vegecaps works by providing bulk to your stool. Moisture is absorbed from your system into your stool which helps it move through the digestive tract more comfortably.
  3. Prebiotics: The prebiotics in Phloe Bowel Health vegecaps aid in long term digestive health. Their main role is to provide food for the good bacteria in your digestive tract to grow while also inhibiting the pathogenic (or bad) bacteria. This process has a dual effect. Firstly, it helps restore the balance of gut micro flora and helps protect the digestive wall so it can work normally. Secondly, if you have a low level of good bacteria in your system it means that your system is not producing enough enzymes on its own to digest food properly. Encouraging the growth of the good bacteria encourages the growth of the enzymes so that you can continue to digest food the way you are supposed to. In the long run it is the prebiotics that will support the long term, proper functioning of your digestive system. 

Who can use Phloe?

Phloe can be used by anyone looking for an effective natural bowel health solution (see Directions tab for details). Most Phloe users find that best results are achieved through long term use thereby avoiding any potential bowel health related issues before they occur.

  • Phloe is not recommended for anyone who has a known allergy to kiwifruit.

Adults: Take 1 - 2 capsules together, daily before food. May be increased up to 4 capsules daily (2 before morning and evening meals) for short periods, if required. Often Phloe users find taking a slightly higher dose (4 caps) for the first 3-5 days helps them balance their system. This can then be pulled back to a maintenence dose of 1 - 2 capsules a day ongoing. It is important that you find what the right dose is for your system.

Pregnant Women: Phloe is a 100% natural* product made from kwifruit and issuitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Up to 25% of all pregnant women suffer from constipation during and after pregnancy. Phloe is a proven and natural way to help manage this.

Children: Suitable for use in children 3-12 yrs with medical advice.

Infants: Not recommended for children under 3 yrs.

Each Capsule Contains:

Active Ingredient: Zyactinase 575mg (from Kiwifruit)

Also contains: Isomalt, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.
Capsule: Vcaps, Non-Gelatin vegetarian hypo-allergenic.

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22-09-2021 13:32:20
Great supplement
22-09-2021 13:32:20
I found these great. I was experiencing bloating and discomfort during lockdown, and took 2 tablets daily along with some changes to my diet. Feeling much better.

07-09-2021 11:17:21
07-09-2021 11:17:21
Does absolutely nothing for me even after using it for days.

13-08-2021 17:58:57
Helps with IBS
13-08-2021 17:58:57
I bought this previously when on holiday in New Zealand and was pleased to see I could purchase from Healthpost and have it delivered in Australia. It certainly helps me with regularity and stomach discomfort and is also good value.

12-08-2021 15:07:17
Very good.
12-08-2021 15:07:17
Phloe Vegecaps are much better than Phloe chewable tablets. I shall keep on taking them as they really work.

09-05-2021 11:26:10
A Must have
09-05-2021 11:26:10
I’ve been taking this supplement for around 10 years now. It’s great and 2 a day is perfect to keep things moving the way they should. Great to take a more natural alternative to laxatives.

03-05-2021 17:35:07
Best supplement ever
03-05-2021 17:35:07
I have been dealing with loose bowels for years, and this supplement has really slowed it down, and made me regular! Now just take one a day, but really miss it when I run out! Highly recommend.

13-02-2021 10:01:21
Must have
13-02-2021 10:01:21
I have a few supplements that I can't live without, and this is one of them. It has helped a lot with my bowel cramps etc

16-08-2020 16:01:50
16-08-2020 16:01:50
Phloe capsules keep me regular,I only need to take one daily.

26-02-2020 19:30:06
26-02-2020 19:30:06
excellent product must buy to get benefits\n
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