GMP Manufactured Products

Manufactured in a facility that has formal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, refers to manufacturing standards that ensure that products are produced in a way that minimises any potential risks. This is relevant in regards to production of any pharmaceutical product (including supplements) food and beverage.

It ensures that any potential risk that can only be found by testing the final product is eliminated. For example; contamination, incorrect labeling, insufficient or too much active ingredient, poor quality supplements that may contain toxic substances, products that contain little of the claimed ingredient or those that will not have the desired therapeutic effect.

Consistency is a main aspect that is controlled. To ensure that each and every batch is the same as the other. This protects the safety of the consumer as does the high-quality standards in relation to all areas of production including the starting materials, premises, equipment, training of staff right down to personal hygiene of the staff.

Documented proof must be collected to prove that all procedures are correctly followed.

Supplements that are produced in a GMP compliant facility ensures the consumer is making an investment in a good quality product containing good quality ingredients. It is a mark of safety that is displayed with pride on the bottle of supplements that are compliant.

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