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If you’re a lipstick lover, you ingest a considerable amount of lipstick over your lifetime. That’s why it’s extra important that our natural lipstick and natural lip gloss range is completely free from nasty chemicals. We’re proud to stock just pure, natural lip care with nourishing plant oils for healthy looking, luscious lips and of course, no animal testing, ever.

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The first lipsticks worn around 5000 years ago were made from finely ground gems, insects, plant material, minerals and clay. Although some of those minerals were great for colour appearance and staying power they often came with toxic health effects.

Thankfully, these days you can enjoy beautiful colours, without any worries about hidden nasties. With our Better Choices Promise you can be assured that your lipstick is free from harmful chemicals - vibrant, long-lasting colour with No Red List Ingredients.

What’s more, your pout will appreciate nourishing oils like rosehip, argan and avocado oil together with shea butter, natural waxes and vitamin E, which make your lipstick or gloss smooth to apply and softening for dry lips – all while packing a colourful punch.

Because we care about wellbeing of all creatures, our lipsticks and lip glosses have never been tested on animals and you’ll find plenty of vegan options too.

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