Heavy Metals Tested

Tested for heavy metals and results are below the reference ranges.

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Heavy metals are defined as elements that have a high level of density and atomic weight when compared with water. They are considered to be toxic to humans when there is high levels of exposure.

Industrial exposure is the most common way to become overburdened with these toxic metals. However, our food, supplements and skincare can come into contact with heavy metals particularly because natural products are often sourced from the earth where small amounts of heavy metals may be naturally found.

Lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic are most commonly referred to when considering heavy metal toxicity. These are not beneficial to human health in any way.

Exposure to some of these heavy metals in contaminated water, air pollution, food, medicine (mercury in fish and dental fillings), skincare products (aluminum in deodorants, mercury in mascara) or lead based paint in older homes.

When products are heavy metal tested they undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with strict standards. Either raw ingredients or the finished product have been tested and found to be below the reference ranges defined.