New Zealand Manufactured

Manufactured in New Zealand from some or all imported ingredients.

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A product that is manufactured in NZ from either some or all international sourced ingredients. There are strict guidelines to follow when labelling.

Products must meet the Commerce Commission’s guidelines of ‘place of origin representations’ which means that what is stated on the product packaging must be true and not misleading to consumers.

Many products sold in New Zealand are manufactured from a combination of ingredients or components from other countries. There are benefits to this financially as sourcing ingredients from other countries may be more cost effective or purely because the product is only grown or produced in another country. There are the risks however that production of ingredients from certain countries can have negative connotations for some products and the quality of the product many be effected.

To differentiate between Made in New Zealand and Manufactured in New Zealand products that are manufactured in New Zealand are either ‘assembled’, ‘packaged’, ‘blended’ or ‘designed’ in New Zealand, as opposed to being made from start to finish in New Zealand with ingredients that are from New Zealand.

New Zealand has a reputation for producing high quality products that are highly regarded internationally. For this reason a label that states a product is manufactured in New Zealand leads consumers to believe it is produced under decent working conditions and to a high standard.

The place of origin of a supplement or food is likely to be important to the consumer, often they want to know where the product has been developed or grown from start to finish particularly when health is a priority.